Anne Vincent Dijkstra

Anne Vincent Dijkstra

Etten-Leur, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

About Anne Vincent Dijkstra

From may 30, to june 20, 2021 a painting of mine will be shown at the Kunstsalon IJl which will take place at galerie Noord in Groningen, The Netherlands. Starting february 10, 2021, I'm participating in an online exhibition called "" at my regular gallery Nasty Alice in Eindhoven.
From september 10 to 27, 2020 my work will be part of the 5th edition of "Appél", a collaboration between six galleries from Noord-Brabant held at the Werkwarenhuis in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
Untill march 8, 2020, a solo exhibition of my work entitles "The blue room" was held at gallery Nasty Alice in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
A few years ago Iwas honoured with a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York! ( "Because of the exceptional quality of your work and the extent of your artistic achievements"; as they put in the grant letter. I am very proud to have been selected by this renowned institution.
I am working as a professional artist since 1991. I've 'participated in many exhibitions over the years, mainly in Holland.

For some years now I am creating paintings that are painted by using graduations of only one color: Prussian blue (mixed with titanium white). Based on these two I make all the tones from deep dark blue to almost white. This self-imposed restriction is aimed at the coherence of different shapes within a painting and also to give the work a less anecdotal and more monumental character.

Within this limitation of color I paint a baroque profusion of spots on the canvas, that take on the form of collapsed houses, aircraft wrecks, radiographs, etc.
My idea when painting is to proceed slowly and controlled, leaving a clear trace of paint that looks like congealed matter. The line that runs from one to the other painting is an interest in the cohesion of matter on any scale

For my work I use pictures that I project and trace with a pencil on canvas. This results to no more than signs, because line and spaciousness are two incompatible quantities.
After this initial setup, I work out forms, starting with the clearest outlines. From one to the next, I fill the canvas with spots of different brightness. The often extremely vague light-dark transitions are at odds with the actual tone of the paint that seeks clear outlines.

Although I use photos, I do not consider myself to be a photo realist, because I am much more interested in the chaos of abstract shapes that impose themselves and that I translate as paint stains that (first of all) refer to nothing but themselves.
The sudden leaping forward of recognizable elements (an airplane, a bicycle, a piano, a bone) refute the abstraction less than they confirm it.

What interests me is the shattered image; a cubist painting or a photograph of a mess clarify the same thing namely that figuration is no more than a degree of recognizability. The stains I paint come together to form a recognizable image in the eye of the beholder, while fragmentation lies at the basis of their genesis.

I have been influenced by painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Lucian Freud, Wilhelm Sasnal, Luc Tuymans (whom I've met once at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam) and Gerhard Richter. I like paintings to be straightforward, because I think the viewer should not be distracted too much of what, to my mind, paintings are mainly about: paint and canvas.


Art Academy: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
'Constantijn Huygens', Kampen-Zwolle, 1983-1988.


2020 "Lucas Gassel revisited", Cacaofabriek, Helmond
2020 "Moveable types", Witte de With, Rotterdam
2018 "Popinnart", Amsterdam
2016 "This art fair", Beurs van berlage, Amsterdam
2016 "Size matters", Stichting We like ARt/TETEM, Enschede
2015 "Summer exhibition / Salon des refusés", SBK, Breda
2015 "Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair", Rotterdam
2014 "RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam
2013 "The last supper", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2012 "Incubate Open Source Expo", Tilburg
2009 "Publieke Werken", De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond
2007 "Artmart Show", PEP Gallery, New York
2006 'Considered Space 5', Design Trust for Public Space/Viñoly Architects New York
2005 'Alles van waarde moet weg', De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond


2021 "Ieder.een", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2020 "Appèl", 5th edition, Werkwarenhuis, Den Bosch
2020 "The blue room", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2018 "Hitchcock", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2017 "KunstRAI 2017", Amsterdam
2017 "Into the blue", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2016 SBK, Breda (with Femke Dekkers / Ruth de Vos)
2015 "Woest", Galerie Nasty Alice, EIndhoven
2014 "KunstRAI 2014", Amsterdam
2013 "WOW", Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2013 "Kunstschouw 2013", Burgh-Haamstede
2011 "De briefwisselaars" (withKarin van Pinxteren), Basement KIK, Kolderveen
2010 "Relations", De Ruimte, Geldrop
2010 "(Con)textual - What do we really read?" (with Peter Koole), Onomatopee, Eindhoven
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2004 "T.A.F.K.A.P. - The Artform Formerly Known As Painting", 't Langhuis, Zwolle
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