Bastian Pratama

Bastian Pratama

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

About Bastian Pratama

Hey there I'm Bastian A. Pratama. I was born in Jakarta and living here too. I started painting a few years ago with watercolor as my main medium. Sometimes I create oil painting too. I'd like to show everyone whats in my mind and what I feel by my works. My works are often influenced by Indonesian traditional culture and human figure as the object. I hope you enjoy it.


I learned about art at Beranda Seni Guruh Ramdhani and Carrot Academy Illustration School.


WPAP goes to France 2013, Indo Jass 2013, JGTC 2013.


WPAP goes to France 2013, Festival Ekstrakurikulab Exhibition 2016 Jakarta Indonesia, Bogor Visual Art 2017 Bogor Indonesia.