Barry Parks

Barry Parks

Houston, TX, United States

About Barry Parks

Barry reports that his earliest memories are of drawing. Paint followed only a few years later. Eventually the enjoyment of producing art in two dimensions melded with other academic strengths to led to a profession in architecture where design was pushed into the third dimension. Even then, the process of creating a building relied on sketches, drawings, and renderings.

After growing up in South Arkansas, getting his degree and beginning his profession in Houston, Barry and his family relocated to North Carolina for 27 years. in 1983, the elastic snapped and they are back in Houston where Barry oversees and helps plan for facilities at one of the country's largest community colleges.

Beyond work, Barry has always enjoyed travel and his paintings reflect images that have caught his imagination along the way. While the paintings are based on reality, Barry's work makes countless additions and adjustments to better convey both reality and spirit of the subjects.


University of Houston, School of Architecture


Numerous AIA-sponsored Art by Architects Exhibitions in Winston-Salem, NC. Work selected for 13th annual Young Arkansas Artist Exhibition.