Barton Lewis

Barton Lewis

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Barton Lewis

I’m a filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. My current work is photography of features of the urban landscape, including building facades, construction fences, doors, mailboxes, vintage signs, and wall cuts in the subway. I’m interested in how these subjects are manipulated by street artists working independently and further transformed by natural forces. The motivation behind my work is to call attention to arresting combinations of color, form and texture that daily surround us, in the process expanding the definition of what we call art, how it is made, and where it appears.

My work lies at the intersection of fine art, documentary, advertising, popular culture and archaeology. I consider myself a chronicler of the impermanence, continuous evolution, and elusive forces that form the visual fabric of city life.


B.A., Columbia College, major in English literature
B.M., The Juilliard School, major in music composition
High school diploma, The North Carolina School of the Arts, major in music composition


I will be showing in The Other Art Fair Brooklyn from 22-25 Jul 2021.


Los Angeles, 8 Feb – 8 Mar 2019: The Los Angeles Center of Photography's "Street Shooting Around the World" exhibit;

New York City, 16 Nov – 17 Dec 2017: "Open (C)all: Truth," group show at BRIC, Brooklyn, NY;

New York City, 23 – 24 Sep 2017: "Seeking Space 2017" official group art show of Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY;

Szczecin, Poland, 29 Sep – 6 Oct 2014: Szczecin European Film Festival;

Paris, 23 Mar 2013 – 27 Apr 2013: Galerie White Project's show "Utopie distribuée," part of the StreeTVideOart series produced by Art TV;

Paris, 19 Jul 2012 and 20 Oct – 8 Nov 2012: group show at the Larcade Gallery organized by StreeTVideOart, an international art action consisting of presentations of emerging video art;

Portland, OR, 26 May 2012: The Portland (OR) Experimental Film Festival;

New York City, December – January 2011/2012: Curate NYC online exhibit;

New York City, 19 Jun 2010: one-person show at Millennium Film Workshop.