Bernard Quinn

Bernard Quinn

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

About Bernard Quinn

I am trying to build a process that will enable me to articulate my understanding of my self and my place. I am hopeful this will give me a vehicle to explore why it is that certain places and certain works by artists I admire have such an emotional impact and stay with me for years. This means to me that my work needs to have an autobiographical thread or process. Currently my new work starts with a response to a location I have a strong connection with or a painting by another artist that I have looked at over a very long time. As the work evolves my focus becomes more about my response and how to describe it in the work using the three physical elements of colour, light and surface texture.


I studied fine art at Sunderland and Bristol schools of art in the 1970s and 1980s. I qualified as a teacher specialising in art practice in 2010.


Each year I open my studio to the public for the Late Shows. I receive about 1000 visitors from around the world each event. I run classes from the studio as well as provide mentoring support to fine art graduates.


I tend to exhibit only occasionally. I have had one man shows in Newcastle, Carlisle and Milton Keynes. My work has been shown in commercial settings and galleries. Mostly my work is in the hands of private collectors and many are on permanent display in central Newcastle.