Elisabetta Duminuco

Elisabetta Duminuco

Venezia, Veneto, Italy

About Elisabetta Duminuco

I was born in Venice where I live and work and where I studied and got my professional skills listed below. I started my artistic journey working in theatre and set design activities, such as:
Exposition at Bevilacqua La Masa Gallery in Venice: elaborates of scenography and costumes for the play "the bedbug", by Vladimir Majyakovsky;
The design and realization of sets and costumes of the play written by the German '700 playwright Heinrich von Kleist "The pomegranate dream" for the troupe "Body and Mind";
Design of sketches and costumes for Mozart's opera " Die Zauberflöte".
I am a full time artist, although I have been contributing as an art teacher for a few years in a project for "social rehabilitation laboratory activities for people with mental disabilities" in mental health hospitals and rehabilitation centre.
I have studied for years numerous and different artistic techniques that contribute to forming the final result of my work; over the years I have come to develop an inclusive style and technique (which mixes and combines the various techniques) and a concept of development of the work in progress which I consider to be special if not unique in their kind.
I liked to paint with oil colors or egg tempera on canvas or wood panel. Over time I began to prefer a mixed technique: gold, silver, copper and bronze leaves, metal foils, oriental papers, glass colors, oil colors, acrylic colors and ink both on chalk prepared (many layers of chalk) wood panels/honeycomb core wood panels that canvas.
My artworks are mainly meticulously prepared mix-media: I start from a basic idea but the creation takes place in the various phases of the work, remaking and readjusted the composition and the material of the artwork, reinterpreting a part according to the whole. They are works in succession, made with different layers. A continuous passing over the same surface, but also the same conception of the painting; to complete a single artwork takes a long time.
They are works in progress, adapted from time to time according to the flow of feelings and the aesthetics of the result.
My art comes from the desire to transpose on painting places and images that have caught my attention and that inspired me to a representation . They are the set of real memories and images that become unreal and fantasies as in dreams.
The use of a very rich and lively colour palette, thanks also to the use of complementary colours, makes the atmosphere of my artwork dreamy.
I have exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and in Europe.


I had my high school diploma as "Maestro d'Arte" at the "Scuola d'Arte dei Carmini" in Venice and successively I attended the "Accademia di Belle Arti", Venice, where I achieved my diploma in scenography.
Over the years I have attended several courses at the "Scuola Internazionale di Grafica" in Venice. Listed below are some of these courses:
Serigraphy as art print;
Serigraphy and textile printing;
Chalcography and traditional techniques of engraving (acquatinta e acquaforte);
Contemporary printmaking - advanced and experimental engraving techniques;


Solo Exhibition

-Scuola dei Calegheri, Campo S. Tomà, Venezia, 1999;
-Centro Culturale Candiani, Venezia, 2006;
-Chiostro di San Francesco, Treviso, 2011;
-Palazzo Scotti, Treviso, 2012;
-Casa dei Carraresi , Treviso, 2012;
-"La Cella" Gallery, Venezia, 2016;

Selected Group Exhibition:

-Primer premio internacional de pintura, “El coral de la moreria”, Madrid 1998;
-Scuola dei Calegheri , Campo S. Tomà, Venezia 1998;
-scoletta S.Zaccaria, Venezia, 1999;
-Art Fair Padova, 1999;
-International Art Exhibition, Budapest, 2002;
-Art Fair Padova, 2002;
-Group exhibition " Autunno del Quadro", Cantieri Toffolo, Venezia, 2007;
-“XXIX Incontro Artistico a le Colonete”, Venezia, 2007;
-Centro d’Arte San Vidal, Venezia, 2009;
-Civic Art Gallery of Imperia, 2010;
-“40 Artisti della Enciclopedia d’Arte Italiana”, Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara, 2011;
-“ I valori europei nell’arte”, Museo Nazionale di Villa Pisani, Stra (VE), 2013:
-“Italian Method 2”, Brick Lane Gallery , London 2014;
-“ Arte, cuore d’Europa” Archivio di Stato di Treviso, 2014;
-"Artisti Italiani fra Castore e Polluce" Sale dei Dioscuri, Quirinale, Rome, 2015;
-"Contemporary Art and Dadaism 100 Years Later" Pisani-Nicolaj Palace, Venezia, 2016;
-"Arte per il Futuro" ART.U' Gallery, Vicenza, 2017;
-"Arte, Ponte fra i Popoli in Europa" Villa dei Cedri Valdobbiadene (TV), 30 Aprile - 14 Maggio 2017;
-"Flower Flow" Eclectic Gallery, 140Portbello Road, London, 11th April - 12th June 2018;
-Manchester Art Fair 12-14 October 2018;