Bettina Silverio

Bettina Silverio

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

About Bettina Silverio

Bettina Silverio (*1979, Philippines) An Environmental Science major, Bettina now takes her experimentation over to her studio where she plays with materials and techniques, creating pieces that straddle painting, woodworking and metal sculpture. She is largely self-taught, and over the years her works have evolved from traditional 2D paintings into art pieces that infuse painting with sculptural 3D elements.

Embracing sustainable art in 2019, she recycles materials to create her pieces, in hopes her works will call attention to the environmental crises and encourage others to become part of the solution.

She is an intuitive artist and often wears her heart and mind on her artistic sleeve. Years of struggle with her bipolar condition enhanced this, and she has learned to harness and draw from her experiences to create very personal sensitive, touching pieces.

In 2013 she was a finalist in the GLOBE Imaginart nationwide art competition. In 2020 she was selected for the UN75 Global Conversation 2020 2nd Round exhibit. In 2021 one of her works was selected by a jury to be featured in The Social Art Award 2021 Book


She is largely self-taught, but to further her abilities she took tutorials under different artists in drawing and painting. Later on, wishing to gain further exposure to other media, she took up pottery and fashion design briefly.

In the Spring of 2012 and 2014 she took intensive mentoring classes in drawing and painting in
El Enclave Academia de Arte, Madrid, Spain


Jury selection, The Social Art Award 2021 Book

Jury selection UN 75, Global Conversation 2020 2nd Round

Finalist, Globe Imaginart Competition, Philippiines 2013


2020 Global Conversation 2020: 2nd Round Group exhibit, UN Virtual Museum
"Rhapsody (Mostly) In Blue" solo exhibit, Metro Manila 2019
"Through the Looking Glass" partnered exhibit with a writer, Metro Manila, 2017
"Moments", solo exhibit, Metro Manila, 2015
Art in The Park, Metro Manila, 2015
"Tre Viste", group exhibit, Metro Manila 2007
"As I Saw Her", solo exhibit, Metro Manila 2006
AM Figura", group exhibit, Metro Manila 2006