Emmanuel Beyens

Emmanuel Beyens

Brussels, Belgium

About Emmanuel Beyens

Born in Paris, Emmanuel Beyens is a Franco-Belgian artist based in Brussels.
He executes both unusual contemporary paintings called "Crazy Purple series" and commissioned classical portraits; two very different styles for the same painter. What’s the link? The human figure!
The aesthetic research is very present in his work. The quality of implementation aims to make each painting a unique and rare work. In 2011, Emmanuel Beyens was awarded 1st Prize at the International Portrait Fair in France (Foire Internationale du Portrait).
The "Crazy Purple collection" is a series of paintings with a hard-hitting style. In this series, the artist gives free rein to his creativity through an ultra pop and realistic style. The aim of this collection is to communicate strong messages and emotions with maximum impact.


2016: Flemish Classical Atelier, Brugge.
"Painting the classical portrait from life."
Teacher: David Gray

2009-2010: Learning the Martenot method at the Atelier de la Grande Espinette, Brussels.

2001-2002: Nude and portrait at Saint-Gilles Accademy, Brussels


October 2016: Espronceda Art Center, Barcelona.

December 2014 : TAG Gallery Brussels. Exhibition «@Conversation » with Fabian Vogler and Savina Tarsitano

May 2014 : Montepaschi Bank, Brussels

April 2011 : Salon International du Portrait, Château de Beauregard, Blois.

October 2010 : Salon Art Shopping at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

June 2010 : European Commission, Brussels

April 2004 : La Ferme Rose, Brussels