LEROY Dominique

LEROY Dominique

Nîmes, GARD, France

About LEROY Dominique

High school diploma :
Two years of Physiotherapy
CAP, BTS of photography
C.DANSLABOITE documentary movies 2004-2010: photo reports: ethnic groups, Nature, Tribes feast, Sports 1986-2004: art director of the publishing house: LESIR on 1990-2001: artistic Co / director of the publishing house: Chronosport on 1989-2001: 20 years of report in Formula 1 1980-1985: creation of a studio of photography in Nîmes


Realization: documentary Movies: festival, Cinema, Television

2015 (52 ') Senegal " Between Myth and Reality " 2014 (52 ') + (80 ') " Liberty Carnival "
2013 (52 ') " India, between feast and spirituality " 2011 (26 ') " Return in the city of the joy " with Dominique Lapierre in Calcutta.
Series of documentaries (short 8-10) '


Expositions 2019:


Depuis le commencement jusqu'à la fin.... Le Peuple des Rouilles...Reg'Art D'ailleurs. cheminement de mon travail des fêtes rituelles des peuples primitifs, jusqu’à la rouille, figuration de la déliquescence finale. Intitulée : "Du commencement … à la fin"

Abbaye de Maguelonne juin 2019
Rencontre Photographiques d'Arles du 29 juin au 14
juillet. France

Calendriers 2018:

Sortie de mon dernier livre: Le Peuple des Rouilles.

Out of my collection"illustrated books" 2016. see the presentation of the enclosed cover books.
calendar 2017
Vous pouvez trouver les calendriers sur beaucoup de site et notamment sur Amazone.



37 thematic years of report: nature, Animal , Carnival, Feast, Veil(Sail), balloon, Ethnic group...

15.000 pictures published in press and magazines

40 published edited books:

Formula 1, Nature, Animal, Carnival, sailing boat,
Hot-air balloon, Ethnic group, Landscape....


Photographic prices(prizes):

Kodak, Fuji, on 1982 / 1986: better automobile photo to the international festival of Chamonix, on 1991: better book to the international festival of Chamonix

50 exhibitions in the world