Matthias Blonski

Matthias Blonski

New York, NY, United States

About Matthias Blonski

I create obstacles to make everything equally significant and insignificant.

For me, it’s better to create to raise questions rather than to answer them. My work reflects an understanding that nothing is ever finished. Currently using photography as guidance, I challenge the medium through manipulating its contents.

If I distort or destroy an idea, it is not always a planned or conscious act, but rather an experiment into what I find ugly or meaningless. That means my process of creating demands no explanation from myself as to why this is so.

Revealing awkwardness through editing an image provokes curiosity, making the viewer feel they must respond. As each level of monolithic blocking and exposing complicates the message, when done on a daily basis, it will change the outcome per my experiences, moods,and interactions.


BFA - Communication Design