Bo Bakker

Bo Bakker

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Bo Bakker

Born in 1951. Live and work in Amsterdam.

After year's of painting in deforming styles, in 1998 I returned to realism.From 2000 till 2016 I only painted portraits.
In every painting I start with a dramatic background, to end up with minimizing all effects, to let the maximum of attention go to the subject.Sometimes a pity because of loss of scenic and painterly effects, but always the optimum for me. In contrast to the life authenticity and vivacity of the subject, the calmness of windless lake.
My main example's are Holbein the younger and Michelangelo Caravaggio.

Since some years ago I felt the need to do something else. During long hiking trips I made lots of photos of the landscape's I was passing, so the subject of this something different was already rather predetermined.
As I have a strong preference for realism, also in my landscapes this preference is not far off. Though, as is said often nowadays, all options are on the table, as in fact I just started with this subject and would like to let my style or style's develop unhindered.
Painting portraits stays as fascinating as it always has been, but more playful work in between is a pleasant enrichment.


1973 - 1978 Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam


No events or exhibitions worth mentioning: for my portraits there never really was a need to, and for my landscapes time is still too fresh.