Bob Peck

Bob Peck

Lakewood, OH, United States

About Bob Peck

Growing up in the inner city, Bob Peck began his art career at an early age admiring the graffiti art scattered around Cleveland. He sketched his own versions of what he saw in his notebooks every chance he got. As he grew older, those notebooks were one of the few things he could call his own. Years of being a bystander in the graffiti subculture went by, and Bob continued drawing scenes from his environment. When he'd see a name appear more than a few times, he followed the graffiti "trails" to places with densely marred walls full of this urban art. After many visits, he finally met some of the local graffiti writers. These so-called vandals took Bob under their wing and taught him the history and techniques of the art. Soon after, he started to paint on his own.
Bob started painting walls in his neighborhood before quickly expanding throughout Cleveland. More years went by, and he had his pseudonym tagged all over town. As he reached his late teens, graffiti had taught him more than just an art form. It had taught him the spirit of competition and how to network. It was time to transcend. He started working the club circuit, offering his creative talents out to local DJ's and bands. This gained him enough notoriety and new connections to continue his evolution as an artist. He knew he was more than just a graffiti writer. He was an artist with a mission.
In the Fall of 2000, Bob started working with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He presented information about graffiti as part of hiphop culture seminars. From there, he went on to work for Progressive Arts Alliance. He held residencies at Cleveland's inner-city schools--the very schools he attended--teaching students how to create art with a graffiti flair. It was the foundation he needed. Bob has since been included in over 100 gallery shows and painted dozens of murals throughout Cleveland and Akron for major corporate clients, local businesses, and nonprofits.
All of Bob's work ties back to those formative years, when seeing those bright graffiti colors amidst Cleveland's rust and concrete made his daily Rapid rides more bearable. His meticulous yet energetic lines may come from a place anger, adrenalin, pure joy or unbridled freedom. The only hint is the unique names of each piece. His process is disciplined as it is improvised, yet he is quick to make a joke about anything that begins to sound too highbrow.
In recent years, Bob has been working as an artist for Graffiti Heart, volunteering and donating work to raise scholarships for under-served students to attend Cleveland Institute of Art. Bob's work has been curated into Saatchi Art's online collection and seasonal print catalogs. His work is in collections both across the globe and right in Cleveland's own backyard.


Cleveland School of The Arts


May 2020
Phoenix mural with Rich Cihlar at Lakeside warehouse.

January 2020
Characters painted inside CSU and University Circle Chapati Indian Grill locations with Mikey Garcia.

November 2019
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at CLE Urban Winery for Graffiti Heart's 4th Annual Fundraiser

October 2019
Live drawing session for release of Aventus' Creed colognes at Saks Fifth Avenue at Beachwood Mall.

September 2019
Live painting at Classic Tattoo's 10th Anniversary party.

September 2019
Painted Graffiti Heart gallery's conference table with Rich Cihlar.

August 2019
Live-painting (Abstract) at 2020 West Schaaf Gallery.

August 2019
Live-painting (Graffiti) at Red Lion Tattoos and Kutz.

May 2019
Abstract mural at the Graffiti Heart Gallery.

May 2019
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at Carol and John's Comic Book Shop for Free Comic Book Day.

March 2019
Collaborative mural with Rich Cihlar at Linda's Superette in Ohio City.

February 2019
Collaborative mural with Rich Cihlar at Lake Erie College.

February 2019
Abstract mural in Arts Cleveland lobby.

December 2018
Graffiti mural at 717 Ink.

November 2018
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at CLE Urban Winery for Graffiti Heart's 3rd Annual Fundraiser.

October 2018
Bedroom mural for Special Spaces/Graffiti Heart.

October 2018
Abstract mural on movie set for Year of the Beetle.

August 2018
Presentation given on the History of Cleveland Graffiti for the Artist Archives of the Western Reserve

August 2018
Live painting with Rich Cihlar for Metro Lexus at BAYarts Farm+Art Market

July 2018
Hallway and bathroom Murals for Ninja City – Gordon Square location.

June 2018
Live painting at Crocker Park's Liberty Fest

June 2018
Live panting on Fox 8's Kickin' it With Kenny!

May 2018
Collaborative mural with Rich Cihlar on Bike Box for 2100 Lakeside – Men's Homeless Shelter

April 2018
Live painting with Rich Cihlar for Jameson at Fathead's Brewery

March 2018
“Quest” graffiti piece for Cleveland International Film Festival.

February 2018
Graffiti mural for Nickleby's Roundbar.

January 2018
CAN Journal Magazine box with Rich Cihlar.

Abstract mural on sales office door for 717 Ink.
Collaborative piece with Rich Cihlar featured in AGC's 2018 “52 Weeks, 52 Works” calendar.

November 2017
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at Great Lakes Mall.

November 2017
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at CLE Urban Winery for Graffiti Heart's 2nd Annual Fundraiser.

November 2017
Live painting with Rich Cihlar for Classic BMW.

November 2017
Live painting with Rich Cihlar for Triumph Motorcycles.

October 2017
Mural for North Coast Auto on E.185th .

October 2017
Live painting for Mad Tree Brewing Co. at The Treehouse.

September 2017
Abstract mural at Loren Naji's Studio.

September 2017
Live painting at the Tremont Arts and Culture Festival – Graffit Heart tent.

August 2017
Mural for new Hurricane Jiu Jitsu location.

August 2017
Live painting with Rich Cihlar at the 2nd Annual Flats Festival of the Arts – Red Bull Tent.

August 2017
Live painting (abstract mural) for Goldstein Communications Group 25th Anniversary party.

July 2017
Abstract mural at Sammich on E.185th.

June 2017
Live painting at Hip 2B Square event in Gordon Square.

June 2017
Collaborative murals with Rich Cihlar at Hilton's Crocker Park parking garage.

June 2017
Collaborative mural with Rich Cihlar at 3 Barn Doors new location.

May 2017
Live painting events with Rich Cihlar for Lexus of Akron-Canton and Metro Lexus.

April 2017
Abstract mural on garage bay for Lab Studios.


Trademarks II
Worthington Yards 725 Johnson Ct, Cleveland, OH 44113
3/5/20; Group Show

Leave Your Mark
2020 Gallery
2020 W Schaaf Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109
12/13/19; Solo Show

52 Weeks/52 Works
Fawick Gallery
Baldwin-Wallace University 95 E Bagley Rd, Berea, OH 44017
11/1/19; Group Show

Don't Panic!: Tread Lightly
E11even2 Gallery W. 78th Street Studios
5/17/19; Two person collaborative show

Rant Gallery
5228 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102
3/29/19; Group Show

City Limits
Skylight Financial
2012 W 25th St Suite 900, Cleveland, OH 44113
1/5/19; Two person show

20/20 Gallery
2020 W. Schaaf Rd. Old Brooklyn, OH.
11/24/18; Group Show

52 Weeks/52 Works
Fawick Gallery
Baldwin-Wallace University 95 E Bagley Rd, Berea, OH 44017
11/9/18; Group Show

The People's Show
The Galleries at CSU
1307 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44115
10/26/18; Group Show

2018 Q3 People’s Choice Artist Showdown
W.78th Street Studios Cleveland, Ohio
7/13/18; Group Show

E11even 2 Gallery W. 78th Street Studios Cleveland, Ohio
3/16/2018; Group Show

Line of Sight
Lab Studios
2460 Lakeside Ave. Cleveland, Ohio
12/16/17; 3-Person Show

Cuyahoga Community College – East Campus
4250 Richmond Rd, Highland Hills, Ohio 44122
12/12/17; Group Show

Tall Walls
Negative Space Gallery
3820 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114
11/11/17; Group Show

The Artist's Trust
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106
6/2/17; Group Show

Monster Drawing Rally
2900 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
4/22/17; Group Show

Spectrum Miami
1700 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132
12/2/2016; juried show/exhibition

Don't Panic! 2
CWAL Gallery W. 78th Street Studios
10/21/16; Two person collaborative show

Monster Drawing Rally
SPACES 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113
4/16/16; Group Show

Insider Trading #4: The Unconsious Mind
Pretension Gallery (Pop-up location) 6304 Fleet Ave. Cleveland, Ohio
1/24/16; Group Show

Beth K. Stocker arts center, Lorain Community College. Lorain, Ohio
12/12/15; Group Show

Tall Walls
Bruno Casiano Gallery, 5304 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102
7/31/15; Group Show

Teslin Show
Nine Muses Gallery 584 W. Tuscarawas Ave. Barberton, Ohio 44203
5/22/15; Group Show

Summit Artspace, 140 East Market St. Akron, Ohio 44308
5/15/15; Group show (Juried)

Don't Panic!
Eleven Two Gallery, 1300 W. 78th st. Cleveland, Ohio
4/17/15; two-person show

CWAL Annual Members' Holiday Sale
CWAL Gallery; W.78th st. Studios, Cleveland OH
12/13/14; group show

Tall Walls
Pop up gallery; 6707 Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH
10/3/14; group show

Loren Naji Gallery; 2138 West 25th St. Cleveland, OH 44113
5/2/14; three person show

By Invitation, One Night Only
Eleven Two Gallery, 1300 W. 78th st. Cleveland, Ohio
4/18/14; group show

Oh, Captain!
Breakneck Gallery, 17020 Madison Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107
4/5/2014; group show

Day-Glo 2
Doubting Thomas Gallery, 856 Jefferson Ave. Cleveland, Ohio
12/13/13; Group show

Urban Art Show
Gallery 15 - 15 Broad Street, Akron, OH 44305
12/7/13; Two Person Show

Disco Dada Dreamscape
SPACES 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113
11/2/13; Annual Fundraiser

Rotten Meat Gallery; 1814 e 40th suite 4b, Cleveland, Ohio 44103
11/1/13; Solo Show

Cleveland Connection
The Gallery at Lakeland; Lakeland Community College7700 Clocktower Dr, Kirtland, OH 44094
8/10/2013; Juried group show

The 50/50 Show
West 78th street Studios Smartspace, 1300 W. 78th St., Cleveland, Ohio
8/2/2013; Group show

Tall Walls
Loren Naji Gallery 2138 W.25th St. Cleveland, Ohio, 44113
7/19/13; Group Show

Inspired Art
smARTspace at 78th Street Studios, 1305 W. 80th Street Cleveland, OH 44102
6/22/13; Group Show

Miller-Schneider Gallery, 16008 Waterloo Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44110
6/22/13; Solo Show

Berea Arts Fest ‘s “Garden Party and Food Fest” fundraiser
Grand St. Walkway at Baldwin Wallace University Berea, Ohio 44017
6/14/13; Group Show