Olena Bogatska

Olena Bogatska

Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

About Olena Bogatska

I have always been interested in art. As a child, I was inspired by my grandfather, who was an artist, to explore my creative side. I continued to pursue my interest through the early years of my life.
I truly believe in the beauty of life. Every day is full of wonders and beautiful colors, and this is the philosophy I want to convey through my works of art.

I prefer to use the palette knife instead of paint brushes. This technique gives me enough room for spontaneity and experimentation with colors and textures. I treat the object that inspires me to paint only as a source, taking reference from it but never trying to mimic it exactly. I want to leave room for imagination and contemplation.


London Art College


Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 2017
Zamostian Gallery of Fine Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 2016
Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris, France, September 2020
Lviv Art Days, Lviv, Ukraine, March 2019
El arte de Bruselas en Madrid, Madrid, Spain, April, 2018
Enigmatic visions, New York, USA, August, 2017
Art gallery Mitets, Kyiv, Ukraine, February 2017
The Other Art Fair, Dallas, United States, May 2021
Affordable Art Fair Brussels March 2018
Spectrum Miami Dec 2017