Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Naperville, IL, United States

About Michael Foster

Painting for almost two decades, much of Michael’s work involves coming to terms with the abundance of technology-driven information overload we casually experience in modern day society. He uses acrylics and india ink on canvas (or wood panels) to create a post-modern world that visually represents data in its raw form, existing within multiple theoretical dimensions of spacetime. The thematic visual focus rests on the intricacies of the direct and indirect interaction between the viewer and the abstraction of this data-driven internal conflict which forces us, as a society, towards rapid self-actualization.

Michael’s current work starting in 2014 continues the visual analogy of civilization coping with Moore’s Law through the lens of the subconscious. Distorted handwritten notes and encrypted keyword ciphers are interwoven throughout mysterious structures and various abstractions including comic illustrations and other non-specific futuristic forms. The result is a data-landscape of today’s anxious subconscious mind, presenting how we remember life events and interpret the kinetic surfaces and essences of the environment and emotions that we are sometimes reluctantly embedded within.


Governor's State University - 1999


Speaker at Chicago Comic Con


Witness: The Artist's Response - Group Show
Elephant Room Gallery - Chicago

Genesis Show – Chicago, IL
‘BJAM’ Collaboration Show – White Ripple Gallery, Indiana

Schoenherr Gallery at the Wentz Concert Hall
Naperville, IL

“Psychoterratica” Michael & Jaime Foster, Combined Show
NYCH gallery, Chicago

“Seven Deadly Sins” – Hermann Audrey Gallery, Chicago

“On-Som-Bel” – Water Street Studios, Batavia IL
“3rd Anniversary Show” – Water Street Studios, Batavia IL

“3rd Anniversary Show” – Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL
“Winter Show” – Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL
Village Ballroom, Portland, OR

Phinney Art Series – Seattle, WA
The Loft Gallery, Pioneer Square – Seattle, WA

Anniversary: Obmu – Edmonds, WA
“This Modern Love” – Artisans on Taylor Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

Art FX Gallery, Fremont, Seattle, WA
Kick It – Seattle, WA
Open Art Studios Group Show – Seattle, WA

The Industry – Seattle, WA

The White Street Gallery – Frankfort, IL
Anam Art Gallery (Featured Artist) – Naperville, IL

Laura Sprague Art Gallery – Joliet, IL