Sergey Borisov

Sergey Borisov

Saint Petersburg, Northwest, Russia

About Sergey Borisov

If you don't want to move endless by the circle of exsistence,that sometime is hopelessly closed, you need to search for a new form. It give you new opportunites.


1981-85 Moscow Technical College of Theatre and Art
1989-95 Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design


1996 Member Union of Artist
1998 Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federationo
2000 Professor Saint Petersburg State University Industrial Technology and Design


Solo exhibition:
2004 “Progression of space”. Exhibition center of the Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
2005 “Another sculpture”, State Museum Of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg.
2006 “Process”. Exhibition graphics. “Rural life gallery”, St. Petersburg.
2007 “TRANS-stones”. Exhibition of sculpture. Gallery “Rachmaninov”, SPb.
2007. “Close up”,personal exhibitions of the best artists of St. Petersburg. Central exhibition Hall “Manege”
2008 “Intuition of space: sculpture.” State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
2009 “The book of space”, Russian President Administration Federal State Complex “Palace of Congress” Constantin Palace, Strelna, SPb
2013 ‘Sculpture.Graphics”, gallery “July12” St.Petersburg
2015 “Exibition of sculpture and graphics.Sergey Borisov”,Imatra,City Hall,Finland
2017 "Imprint of form", graphics, Pskov State Art Museum,Russia
2017 "Structural line",sculpture,graphics, Museum of Applied Art of the Stieglitz Academy, St. Petersburg
2017 "Structure. Landscape. Sculpture", Exhibition Center "Hermitage - Vyborg", Russia
Major exibitions:
1996 «Postglasnost», Lafayet, Illinoys, USA
1997 «Dialogues», Biennale, III International Exhibition, Manege, St.Petersburg
1999 «Journey from St.Petersburg to Rome», studio «EL PONTE», Rome
2000 «Abstraction in Russia XX Century» Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
2003 «ArtSalon», Manege, Moskow
2007 «St.Petersburg’s art of XX century», collection of Manege, St.Petersburg
2007 «The Raft of Art», the Artist’s Village, St.Petersburg
2008 «2@medial art bienniale», Art Addiction Medial Museum,London
2008 «Days of Russian Art», Irish Embassy, Moskow
2009 «New Archeology», Nevsky20, St.Petersburg
2010 «St.Petersburg Artists’ Village», Manege, St.Petersburg
2010 «Kleinskulpturen-Biennale» , Gallerie Dorn , Stuttgart, Germany
2012 «Art of nations», Central House of Artist, Moscow
2013 «Without Barriers», Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
2014 ‘Night of museums", the storage Facility of the Hermitage,St.Petersburg
2014 "Illusion" exhibition of sculpture in the Museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye’,Moscow,
2015-16 "Museum Ludwig in Russian Museum,Russian State Museum,SPB

2015 "Sculpture in stone. XX-XXI century" State. Russian Museum,SPB
2016 “ Baltic drawings”, Graphics Bienalle,Imatra,Finland
2016 "Mythology of the chair," festival "Argonautica", Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX—XXI centuries
2016 V Baltic Biennale, St. Petersburg.
2016 "Structure and form", Pskov State Museum of Art, Pskov
2017 "Petersburg Structuralism", Art Museum of St. Petersburg in the XX-XXI centuries.
2018 "FOUR (4)",Kulttuuritalo Virta Imatran taidemuseo, Imatra,Finlandia
Sculpture symposiums;
1998 Sculpture symposiun ,Lentzke, Germany
1999 Sculpture symposiun, Saint-Petersburg,Russia
2003 Sculpture symposiun ,Lentzke, Germany
2010 1 Symposium Urban Sculpture,Saint-Petersburg,Russia
2011 2 Symposium Urban Sculpture,Saint-Petersburg,Russia
2014 5 International Symposium Glass Sculpture,Nikolsk,Russia
2014 2 Baltic Stone Symposium,Imatra,Finland
2015 3Baltic Stone Symposium,Imatra,Finland
2016 4 Baltic Stone Symposium,Imatra,Finland
Works are in the collection of State Russian Museum, State Museum of Urban Sculpture St.Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege» St.Petersburg, Russian President Administration Federal State Complex «Palace of Congresses», Constantine Palace, Strelna, St.Petersburg, State Museum History of St.Petersburg, Imatra,City Hall,Finland, Pskov State Art Museum, Exhibition Center "Hermitage - Vyborg", in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany.