Tatiana Kramarenko

Tatiana Kramarenko

Kolonshchina , Makarovsky district, Kiev region , Ukraine

About Tatiana Kramarenko

Hello! I am professional Scrawlgrapher. I create unusual pictures from lines of random scrawl.

Each painting starts with a scribble:
- my random doodles,
- scribbles of children or adults,
- and even scrawls scribbled on the glass.
I keep experimenting with materials and techniques. So, for example, I create vario-paintings 2 in 1 (a different pictures from one scribble or scribble + a picture from it is visible from different angles), engraving on glass, acrylic on canvas, engraving, ink on paper, digital art, etc.
For 5 years, more than 200 different pictures from random scrawl have been created.

Scrawlgraphy is my way to show the world that in chaos you can always find something special and beautiful.

Scrawlgraphy is a very gambling activity, because every time it is a challenge and an experiment. When creating a scrawl, I never know in advance what image will turn out. Each painting is an unusual image that would never have been created without scribbles. That is why my project is called «Born of Scrawl».

Scrawl is symbol of:
- chaos, vanity, a huge number of cases and tasks,
- crisis, problems, failures,
- an endless stream of information that drives you crazy and creates a feeling of panic.

There are many options and possibilities hidden in the scrawl. It's like in life: choose only the important from the chaos of the world. And my task, as an artist, is to find this important and show it to the world. Sometimes more than 10 completely different pictures are born of one doodle.

How do paintings come from doodle?
1. First, I create a nice canvas background.
2. Then I close my eyes and scribble or draw a doodle (I try to turn off logic, trust my feelings and sensations). It is usually like dancing a hand with a brush on a canvas. This is enjoying the process without thinking about the result.
3. Next, I look in the doodle with finding all the images that my consciousness can recognize. And I choose the best of all the options. Although sometimes I cannot refuse of several images at the same time. Then I make copies of the scrawl. And I create several pictures from one doodle.
4. And then the magic begins: discarding unnecessary lines and thicking some lines. So an image begins to emerge. Then it is finalized and decorated.

The peculiarity of the paintings is that lines and patterns are not perfect. In this I try to show that beautiful does not mean perfect. It's my challenge to perfectionism.

There is nothing perfect in the world. And in the endless race for the ideal, we do not notice how many unique opportunities we already have.

Therefore, I do not strive to draw "correct" shapes, ideal patterns and lines. I try to create an attractive image from the lines that are already in the scrawl. Even if I can draw a nose or face shape more "correct", I prefer the line "dictated" by scribbles. Thanks to this, the images are more interesting and fascinate with the beauty of imperfections.
The image found in the scrawl is most often brought up only in black and I do not color it. It seems to me that color distracts from the essence and hides the scribble. Without the chaos of lines, the picture becomes empty.

I really like to create pictures of other people's scrawl and see how the face expression of the "owner" of chaos changes when pictures are born from his lines.

My dream is to help everyone develop their creative thinking with the help of scrawlgraphy and discover new talents in themselves both in life and in art. Also Scrawlgraphy trains the brain to turn chaos and mistakes into incredible possibilities.

After all, if every inhabitant of planet Earth will use their talents and endless possibilities, humanity will be able to cope with any disasters and live in harmony with itself and nature.


I am a self-taught artist and constantly improve my skills in creative experiments and in master classes with artists of various styles.

This helps to open up new horizons of scrawlgraphy and share it with You.


April 2021 - winner of the competition of sketches for the design of rockets sculptures from the All-Ukrainian art initiative Noosphere Art Rocket Park. On October 4, 2021, an exhibition of missiles will be held at the Gagarin Park in Dnipro (Ukraine), at the end of 2021 the missiles will be sold at a charity auction.

March 2021 - publication of biography and works of the artist in Boomer Magazine “The New Artist” from Boomer Gallery (London).

January 2021 - participant of the international art competition Visions of Kindness from the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center