Brad Teare

Brad Teare

Providence, UT, United States

About Brad Teare

Painting is about texture–giving the surface the energy and vibration of contrasting passages. A painting is not complete if the viewer doesn't have the urge to touch the surface. When a viewer connects in that fashion a transformation takes place that is hard to articulate. I tried to capture the feeling in words.What follows is that attempt:

I paint to stop time.
To lengthen time I fill it with nothing. I empty the moment, let the edges shrink, until it becomes nothing.
To shrink time I fill it with everything.
To suspend time I layer color on texture—each layer frozen in time.
When viewed the paint is dissembled in reverse moments of layer over texture over color—and time stands still.


University of Idaho
Utah State University


LA Art Show 2004
AmericanArtist Feature March 2007
Gulf Connoisseur Magazine (Dubai) May 2010


Forbes Galleries (NYC) 2007
Alpine Art 2014
Anthony's Fine Art March, November 2017