Jens Kohlen

Jens Kohlen

Kassel, Hessen, Germany

About Jens Kohlen

The Kassel fashion expert Jens Kohlen, born in Kassel in 1966, worked for many years in the fashion industry with his own agency and his online fashion business, sold hip clothes in his "chottonchurch", dressed fashion-conscious people in Germany for years and organized fashion events and model-sharing parties.

He also published the book "Air be and be" with short stories about private apartment rentals during documenta 14 in Kassel, when people from different countries and cultures visit our documenta city, and later the biographical novel "Hoch-Tief" about a low point of his life, which later proved to be a turning point. A still very topical novel in times of crisis.


25 years in the fashion industrie and events
10 years photography by learning on my own


let me see you stripped modelsharing party
sin house galerie


14.06.2019 till 30.09.2019
Koon, Kassel, German with Corinna Holthusen, Hamburg