Wallace Brazzeal

Wallace Brazzeal

UT, United States

About Wallace Brazzeal

My paintings, though varied in subject, follow the search of a moment captured in time when all the memories are joined together in a statement that completes the thought. There is elegance about life in all its forms and subjects, even in the simple story.

My hope is to lift the spirit and renew the awe and wonder of a child finding his first butterfly. Shapes and colors in a verity of pallets and in a mixture of mediums are the basic tools, but capturing that just right moment will always be the main theme.

I have been a student or teacher of art most of my life. I started with paintings of wildlife, Indians and cowboys but that was just the beginning. In college I studied and gained an appreciation of the Great Masters, and began to paint in a realistic theme that has settled into a kind of transitional-impressionistic style.

I also enjoy combining digital art and oil painting. The merging of these mediums has given rise to new art styles, but for me it has become a means of exploring the artistic style of the Early American Impressionist,

"When the hand is freed, that which flows out is art.

It draws upon the well of experience and discipline, but at the moment of creation, all must be forgotten. By letting go, the act is not by will and cannot be determined...it is a statement of courage, of risk, of exposure for all to see."



Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brigham Young University in 1970. Enrolled in a Masters Program/BYU 1971-1973; Juris Doctor (J.D.) 1991, Kensington University