Brian Oldham

Brian Oldham

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Brian Oldham

I am a young artist specializing in self-portrait and conceptual photography. I have taught myself how to create freely- using a variety of mediums to bring my visions to life. Currently located in Los Angeles.

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"Queer as Art" - Photonic Playground, Santa Ana. 2019

"Image Nation" - Galerie Joseph Saint Martin, Paris. 2018

"Naleza" - Leimin Space, Los Angeles. 2018

"Whispering Stills" - Never Apart, Montreal. 2016

"Fresh Faces" - Saatchi Art, Los Angeles. 2016

"20 under 20" - Milk Studios, New York. 2014

"Sweatshop" - Warehouse, London. 2014

"25 under 25" - The Galleries at CSU, Cleveland. 2014

"A Temperamental View" - Invisible Line Gallery, London. 2013