Briant Rokyta

Briant Rokyta

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

About Briant Rokyta

Briant Rokyta likes to sit on park benches and explore the culture that comes from silence. He is fond of communication with the unknown and loves creative developments. How it dares to enter the world in baby steps, full of sweetness, and stagger bravely into the impossibilities.

He lives with his family in Vienna, where he maintains a studio that serves as a breeding ground for creativity and diverse artistic expression. Not to mention, its contemplation and mediation. He is represented in international exhibitions and art events. He also leads the holistic art therapy department in the psychosomatic ward of an Austrian clinic since 11 years.

He finds it helpful and joyful to use the means of art to support the transformation of a profit oriented society towards a more beautiful, integrative and playful world.


1962 born in Stockerau, Austria. I found in the intricate
paths of my youth, and on many curious journeys that
artistic expression gave me a sense of belonging.

1983-1987 Diploma at the Vienna Art School with Prof. Martinz, followed by 10 years living as a freelance artist.

1996-1999 I began to develop a strong interest in body - therapeutic methods, and fully realized this at a kinesiological education with Solihin Thom.
Since then both of my interests have been closely interconnected.

2001 I made a 3 month study visit at Esalen-institute/California, where I discovered that studying the essence of creativity in its practical and theoretical form was the main road for me to follow.

2002 The A.R.T. Kreativwerkstatt was founded, with its principal interests in performing art-commissions, being represented at international exhibitions and offering workshops to support those, who are interested in realising and releasing their full creative potential.

2008: The seminar conception "Creative Solutions" occurred as a natural outcome of a certificated course, Trainer for economic and social competencies, that I completed at the BFI - Vienna.

2009 Leader of the Art Therapie Section at the Klinik and Kurhotel Bad Pirawarth, Austria until this day.

2010 -2014 Education in Holistic Art Therapy at ISSA, Vienna.

2016 The principle of “Permanent Creation” arises, a way to see the world not through the rational mind, but to experience creation directly through art.

2019 The Oracle / Role / Changemaker / Philosophic Card Game 'TINTENSTROM - Theater in the Hidden’ goes on Tour at festivals, congresses and vernissages in Europe.



2019 TINTENSTROM Tour: Gallery WestART Zurich, Switzerland; Art Gallery Vienna, Austria; Performance on the occasion of the opening of the Biennale di Venezia, Italy; Playfullnessfestival near Rome, Italy; Science and Nonduality Congress, Titignano Castle, Italy; Partycipation Festival and KunstMeetings in Museum am Bach, Carinthia and Gallery 'Die Schöne' Vienna, Austria

2018 KunstMeeting Tour, 5 Cities, in each city 72 hours of creating art together as a live performance in Gallery “Die Schöne” Vienna, Mark Salzburg, Raumschiff Linz, Spektral Graz and Gallery “Die Schöne” Vienna

2017 Performances: Permanent KunstMeeting Gallery “die Schöne”, Vienna; GÖTTER IN SCHERBEN Burgtheater, Vienna;
Exhibitions: World Art Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
ART FOR ALL SEASONS, The New York Art Connection, NY, USA; Installation of a sculpture in André Hellers Garden ANIMA, Marokko.

2016 Performances: Book launch “KING OF SEESTADT”, Vienna; Theatre of Sculptures WOUWW, at the Le Méridien, Vienna; KunstMeeting, Le Méridien, Vienna; Exhibitions: „Es braut sich was zusammen“ with Renée Kellner at the Café Westend, Vienna; 100 Hours of Art, Museumsquartier, Wien.

2015 Exhibition IV Breclaver Kunstsalon. Czech Republic.

2014 Exhibition Art Collect Iran, 26.-29. 06. 2014, Qasr Museum Teheran, Iran.

2013 Exhibitions: LANDAUF. Artist from Czech Rebublic,, Slowakia and Austria present themselves at MZM Mistelbach, Austria; IX International Show of contemporary art at, Bzenec Castle, Czech Republic; Lille Art Fair, France.

2012 Exhibition: 21st Century Art and Artists at the Euro - Asian Art Center, Vienna.

2011 Exhibitions: Artevent Wolkersdorf, Austria; Line Art Gent, Belgium. “Flying Pussy”, GalleryM, Vienna.

2009 Exhibition : Ars et Aqua, Vienna.

2007 Exhibitions: 87. Foire International de Luxembourg;
Art to Help, Charity - Exhibition at Sonorys Communications, Vienna; Line Art Gent, Belgium.

2006 Exhibitions. Line Art Gent 2006, Belgium; Sitzendorfer Kulturtage, Lower Austria; Galerie Image, Vienna.

2005 Exhibitions: ART-Geneva, Switzerland; "Bergrauh, bruchrauh und feinpoliert" Open-air sculpture park/Gallery Nord-Sam; Salzburg;.JMA_Gallery, Vienna. 85. Foire international de Luxembourg; Line Art Gent; Belgium.

2004 Latin America Museum, Miami; Florida. JMA Gallery, Vienna. 84. Foire International De Luxembourg. NÖ-Dokumentationszentrum.
2003 Special Price at the 2. international Ceramic Biennale in Korea. Group - exhibition of the artist-team "Teich" at the Siebensterngallery, Vienna. AAI Gallery, Vienna.
2002 "That´s New"; IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna. Group exhibition TEICH "Poetry of the genders" at the Siebensterngalerie, Vienna. "Love exhibition" in Lewes, Paris, Munich, Vienna, London...
2001 Participation at the World Ceramic Biennale in
Korea. Installation of a wall-mounted relief curated by the Gallery Haslinger, Vienna. First group exhibition of the artist-team TEICH at the Siebenstern Gallery, Vienna.
1998 Participation at the Ceramic exhibition Varazdin
Barokku, Croatia.
1995 Realization of a sculpture for the city of
Mauthausen, Austria; for the reason of the 50- Year celebration of Austria´s liberation from the national-sozialistic power.