Nop Briex

Nop Briex

Tilburg, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

About Nop Briex

I believe next to conceptual contemporary art there is still a market for classic painting. My style is hyper impressionistic. The sketchy way of painting makes me happy and my works look therefor suprisingly fascinating... people tell. Nop Briex Studios is my artpreneur company. Fine arts for connaisseurs and exclusive brand and graphic design for aviation operators and private aircraft owners.

Besides my art and design business I work as a teacher fine art and design for a high school in South-Holland.

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Painting courses
Public University Painting, Geleen

Graphic Design, Illustration and Window Dressing
Proof 1986 - StLucas Graphic College, Boxtel

Bachelor Fine Art and Applied Design Arts
Graduated 1992 - ABK Art Academy, Maastricht

Bachelor Fine Art and Design Education
Graduated 2020 - Fontys Academy for Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg


Fuu (Swalmen), Gemeentehuis (Beek), Kunstmarkt OLV (Maastricht), Vastelaovend in Beeld (Blerick), Montmartre (Valkenburg a/d Geul), Lambermontmartre (Antwerp), Uitmarkt (Tilburg), 350 Year Rembrandt van Rijn (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)