Brigitte Saugstad

Brigitte Saugstad

Eichgraben, Austria

About Brigitte Saugstad

Brigitte Saugstad studied ceramic art and design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under Prof. Matteo Thun. After completing her studies, the artist spent several months at the College of Art in New Delhi where she delved into the Indian mythology regarding the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’ — the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Deeply moved and inspired by this experience, the artist has let him playfully dance through her hands over the years, and in all her works is woven this principle of the inner child — the embodiment of childlike joy, innocence and wisdom within.
Brigitte Saugstad worked for the renowned china paint company Augarten in Austria before she finally opened her own workshop in 1991 to fully dedicate herself to her art. Brigitte Saugstad who was born in Vienna, today lives and works as a freelance artist in Lower Austria.

Great Art of Lightness

Ever since Brigitte Saugstad discovered ceramic as the perfect mean to express herself artistically, the elementariness of the material has captivated her: "˜I form the raw material of the earth with my hands according to my ideas; nevertheless, it partly withdraws from my influence. The alchemical process of firing always adds something surprisingly different to my work.' Brigitte Saugstad works intuitively without any drafts or models. The moment she touches the material she feels the form that wants to become into being. Through the intensive work with her hands, she transfers her emotions and breathes life into her pieces.

The essence of Brigitte Saugstad's art work lies in their childlike joy and harmonious movements. The gliding and floating of the sculptures and objects give them an exceptional expression of joy and lightness. At the same time the works radiate a fascinating strength and bond with the earth. It is the perfect balance of dynamic and harmony which immediately attracts the viewer and fills him with energy.

Brigitte Saugstad's art is not meant to inspire thoughts; on the contrary she wants to achieve freedom of thought and detachedness with her art. Simple and natural as her work is, it is spontaneously understandable. The childlike joy and innocence of her sculptures open the heart and touch the viewer's soul individually. Her works develop a life of their own and it almost seems like the pieces choose their owner themselves.

Worldwide art lovers and collectors enjoy Brigitte Saugstad's ice princesses, blossom spheres, lucky elephants and turtles. She has presented her works in numerous galleries and exhibitions in Austria, Italy, the US ,Canada, Cyprus, UK, Dubai, Germany and China.


University of Applied Arts in Vienna


Awards and prizes:

Adolf Peschek Audience Award 2016, 2017 St.Pölten city Museum as part of the annual exhibitions of the St.Pöltner Künstlerbundes
Leonardo Award 3rd Prize for sculpture Chianciano Biennale 2015 Siena, Italy
"Special mention for excellence" for sculpture London Art Biennial 2015
"Premio De Marchi 2014“ Art Prize as part of the exhibition "The Illusion of Reality", Gallery De Marchi, Bologna, Italy
Palm Art Award 2014, Certificate of Excellence, for outstanding artistic quality and originality, Germany


2018: „open art 2018“ Gallery Merlino, Florenz, Italy
2018: „Die Dynamik der Stille“ Eine Art Gallery Mödling, Austria
2018: „Schatten“ Kunst:Werk St.Pölten, Austria
2018: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

2017: „No Robots“ Gallery KOKO, Vienna, Austria
2017: 71th annual exhibition, St.Pölten city Museum of the St.Pöltner Künstlerbundes, Austria
2017: Ibiza Artfair, Ibiza, Spain
2017: AIDAC „Salon2017“ Saint-Tropez, France
2017: Art Baho, Barcelona, Spain
2017:“Salon Golden Garden“ Mandelieu/ Cannes Villa Ruzzana, France
2017: Hommage a Morandi“ Verein für Kunst-Kultur, Eichgraben, Austria
2017: Art Shopping, Caroussel du Louvre Paris, France
2017: Kölner Liste, Gallery m Beck, Cologne, Germany

2016: „Horizonte“, Kunst:Werk St.Pölten, Austria
2016: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2016: Art Monaco, Chapiteau Fontvieille, Monaco
2016: 70th annual exhibition, St.Pölten city Museum of the St.Pöltner Künstlerbundes, Austria
2016: „Glück“ Gallery m Beck, Homburg, Germany
2016: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2016: „schwarz, weiss, grau“ Kunst:Werk St.Pölten, Austria

2015: „Inner Peace“ Darb 1718 Culture Center, Cairo, Egypt
2015: Chianciano Biennale, Siena, Italy
2015: Art Beijing, Beijing, China
2015: Kölner Liste, Cologne, Germany
2015: Art Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2015: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2015: „The Mural for the Peace“ Houston, USA
2015: „Festzeit“ LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015: London Art Biennale 2015, Gagliardi Gallery, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK.

2014: Permanent exhibition, Österreichische Werkstätten, Vienna, Austria. 2014: Art Fair Köln, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Cologne, Germany.
2014: S Art Space Gallery, New York, USA.
2014: Gallery Sabrina Falzone, Milan, Italy.
2014: 1. Art Fair Iran, Teheran, Iran.
2014: ‘Querschnitte‘ Gallery Merikon, Palais Esterhazy, Vienna, Austria. 2014: Artist Catalogue, International Contemporary Artists, USA. 2014: ArtInnovation, Kunst und Kulturhaus Tegernsee, Germany. 2014: ArtInnsbruck, Gallery Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.

2013: Catalogue presentation 2008-2013, Rearte Galery, Vienna, Austria.
2013: 67. annual exhibition, St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, Stadtmuseum, St. Pölten, Austria. 2013: Burgruine Reichenstein, VI International Painting Festival, Reichenstein, Austria. 2013: Imperial Palace, Lions Club Tyrol collective charity exhibition, Innsbruck, Austria. 2013: Galerie ArtRoom21, collective exhibition with Kitz Art, Innsbruck, Austria.
2013: Akzenta Graz, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Graz, Austria.
2013: Art Innsbruck, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.
2012: ‘Beyond Thoughts’ Rearte Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2012: Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.
2012: ‘Changing Places – Art Without Borders’ Galerie Offenes Atelier D.U. Design, Villach, Austria. 2012: Kunst Pavillion, Spring Art Fair, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Graz, Austria.
2012: ‘QuadriArt’ EAGL Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
A sampling of previous exhibitions (continuation)
2011: ‘Ice Princesses’ Hartmann Optik, Vienna, Austria. 2011: ‘Multiple Choice’ Domenig Gallery, Vienna, Austria. 2011: ‘ViennaBloom’ Park Heldenberg, Austria.
2011: ‘Ice Princesses’ Gallery-Studio 18, Vienna, Austria.
2010: ‘Ganeshas and Fairies’ Kunst- und Kulturverein, Eichgraben, Austria. 2010: ‘Festival Cultura dello Spirito’ Albera Ligure, Italy.
2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Gallery-Studio 18, Vienna, Austria.
2009: ‘Festival Cultura dello Spirito’ Albera Ligure, Italy.
2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Ledra Street border-checkpoint, international peace exhibition, Cyprus. 2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Famagusta Gate Gallery, international peace exhibition, Cyprus.
2008: ‘Christmas Spirit’ Galerie am Karmelitermarkt, Vienna, Austria.
2008: ‘Ganesha’ Galerie zum Alten Rathaus, Stockerau, Austria.
2008: ‘Role Plays: Impressions of Venice’ Karmeliter Kirche, Wiener Neustadt, Austria. 2008: ‘Distribuzione dei ruoli’ Centro D’Arte San Vidal, U.C.A.I. Venice, Italy.