Bryan Bolosan

Bryan Bolosan

Las Vegas, NV, United States

About Bryan Bolosan

"Perception versus reality. These are life's principle questions that I seek to explore and answer in my art"- Bryan Bolosan

An accomplished self-taught artist, Bryan works in many mediums, from watercolors to oils, but its acrylic with its bright colors and subtle hues speaks best to his body of work. Using only three to four colors at a time, he is able to alter the hues to create greater ranges of depth and dimension. The result is quiet and impactful rhythm that ranges from a gentle heartbeat to a powerful thunderstorm. The subtle painting techniques allows a rhythm for the eyes to explore with the mind. After living in the Bay Area for many years, Bryan now calls Las Vegas, Nevada home.


Bryan Bolosan is a self-taught artist, painting and creating for over ten years.


Las Vegas Artists Guild Gallery
City Lights Art Gallery