Carlos Pun

Carlos Pun

Lima, Miraflores, Peru

About Carlos Pun

Carlos Pun currently broadcasts his works in galleries with many followers and collectors around the world. More than +200 paintings sold since 2010.

His works are characterised by the use of bright colors, variety of textures, recreating the faces of celebrities and icons of pop culture, abstract portraits, the human figure, female nudes , cartoons in a street art style among others.


May 2019 Perpetual Arts Exhibition / 37th Street - Los Angeles, United States

March 2017: "La Vie Dell`arte" Collective Art Exhibition at Florence, Italy

January 2017: "Los Conquistadores" Private Art Solo Exhibition at San Isidro, Lima - Peru

August 2016: "Masters" Solo Art Exhibition at Los Conquistadores San Isidro, Lima - Peru

December 2014: "Inner Circle" Private Art Exhibition at Miraflores, Lima - Peru

July 2013: "Conexiones" Collective Art Exhibition at Miraflores ,Lima - Peru