Saatchi Art 2022 Special Edition Catalog

Artists: K'era Morgan, Swapna Namboodiri, Maggie Jiang, Brian Oldham

Discover 100 Artists—and Countless Ways to See the World

The best artwork encourages us to see the world in new and exciting ways. That’s why at Saatchi Art, we value showcasing emerging artists from all walks of life who contribute a diversity of perspectives. For us, empowering more voices means adding more creativity, inspiration, and beauty to the world.

While the traditional art world has been slow to recognize the achievements of artists of color, women artists, and those working outside of major art centers or without a formal art education, these artists have had a home at Saatchi Art since our inception over a decade ago. New Perspectives celebrates our ongoing commitment to equity and equal representation, and features 100 artists from 24 countries. These artists range in age from 25 to 77, 68% are people of color, over half are women, and more than 50% are working across mediums beyond painting.

Join us in discovering the power of new perspectives with these talented emerging artists making some of the best art today.

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