Catherine Henchie

Catherine Henchie

Heathfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom

About Catherine Henchie

With my still life paintings I like to find overlooked or unused items and elevate them to a second life on canvas. A lock without a key, (or key without a lock), dead moth or old toy can still offer a beauty and fascination in their colours, texture, patina and history.

Horses are my other passion and always have been, no other animal comes close in my opinion to the power, elegance and mystery of the horse, as such I cannot help but paint them.


I have always loved both horses and art, having a pony at home and working in the local art shop on a Saturday I was very fortunate to be immersed in both from an early age.

My initial career however took a turn towards aviation and during my twenties and thirties I was working for airlines flying a 737 around europe.

After having my second child I stopped flying and worked from home, always keeping both riding and art lessons going.

In 2012 I was accepted as a mature student onto a Degree course for a BA Hons in Fine Art, after completing the first year it was clear, although thoroughly enjoying the course and the challenge, that what I really needed to do was get out there and paint.....

So that is what I did & have recently been enjoying painting still life, focusing on things that are often overlooked and unused, bringing out their beauty on canvas.


'Elements' Christmas Exhibition 2019, The Holt Gallery, Holt, Norfolk, UK.

The 2019 Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.

The 2016 Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.

'The Horse in Art 2016' Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Exhibition, Palace House, Newmarket.

'The Horse in Art 2014' Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.