Catherine Scott

Catherine Scott

Berthoud, CO, United States

About Catherine Scott

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Following a career as an architect I now spend my time painting in my studio or roaming the high plains of the western United States with my camera. I photograph the old, weather beaten surfaces and patinas of buildings and vehicles. These rich surfaces and compositions provide inspirations for paintings.

“Pentimento” is a term often used to define the revealing of painting or part of a painting that has been covered over by later painting. I have always been attracted to the history implied by this term.

My painting method echoes this concept, involving constant experimentation as I make marks and cover them, leaving earlier marks revealed below later layers. As I add layers and work towards completion, the paintings eventually develop their own history.


Master of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Certificate of Graduation, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.


2016 "On Edge", Edge gallery, Denver, Colorado
Feb. 5-28


2017 Studio exhibits
2016 "On Edge", Edge gallery, Denver, Colorado
2015 25th Annual Miniatures exhibit, Abend Gallery, Denver, Colorado.
2015 Vilona Gallery, Boulder, Colorado
2015 Rocky Mountain Water Media exhibition, Golden, Colorado
2015 "Colored Block Abstracts Collection" on Saatchi Art homepage curated by chief curator Rebecca Wilson.
2015 January "Originals for $1000 and Under Collection" Saatchi Art curated by Rebecca Wilson.
2015 NINE dot ARTS, Denver, CO.
2014 Solo exhibit Prairie Constructs, Longmont Museum, Longmont, CO.
2013 Group exhibit, LADCA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.
2006 Richard Schmid Art Auction, Fort Collins, CO.
2004 - 2012 Annual featured artist exhibit, Gallery East, Loveland, CO.
2004 - 2012 Annual invitational Art for Conservation exhibit, Legacy Land Trust, Fort Collins, CO.
2005 Three artist exhibit, Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, CO.
2004 Two artist exhibit, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO.
2004 Rocky Mountain Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO.
2003 Colorado Art Open Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO.