Michael John Cavanagh

Michael John Cavanagh

South Haven, MI, United States

About Michael John Cavanagh

I have always been fascinated by the interplay of light values. From early childhood with my father's help, I started drawing and coloring objects from my surroundings and Disney characters, with the early dream of working for Walt Disney.

As a teen, I discovered the paintings and sculptures of the great European Masters. This revelation led me to dabbling in oil painting, and the realization that I needed training in all facets of Art. Though working 40 hours a week, I entered the night class system at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, attending three nights a week, plus Saturdays. Studying life drawing, pastel, charcoal, ink use, along with watercolor rendering, design and composition.

Work related promotions and military service lead me away from my artist's dream.

I found my teacher/mentor, Professor Lipp at the Paier College of Art. Thankfully, at those night classes my painting gift was brought to bloom.

Leaving the corporate world, I returned to the Midwest to pursue an artist's dream. There followed years of awards, shows and a deep appreciation of my painting's impact on people.

I try to create oil paintings to stir emotions. With that in mind, I invite you to view my work and explore your own deep inner feelings.

Michael's Artistic Awards and recognition; include multible "Best of Show', "Best Oil Painting", the "People's Choice". State of Michigan "Award of Recognition", NEA Art-Train "86" exhibitor/demonstrator/Michigan, One man shows, exhibits, invitational gallery shows, and paintings in private collections including a Maritime Museum and a Catholic Cathedral.


School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL.
Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT.


Included in three International published Art Books. Selected for inclusion through juried critics. Thousands submitted works, but only few selected.