Gonzalo Ferrer

Gonzalo Ferrer


About Gonzalo Ferrer

Artist, Accounter, Finance Manager, born in Montevideo Uruguay


"Empty and full spaces of a lyric abstraction, notes and rhytmical music, materialized in the middle of the canvas as a penthagram with melody tones, giving life to caos, passion, uncertainty, desire, order, directed right to the heart of the spectator. This artist who is also a talented and successful professional in the Financial Area, is showing as a way to the recent financial crush, a world so tangible but at the same TIME so volatile; bonus, markets going up and down, options, futures, fragments of reality mixed as colours and material in his Art work , as if the answer to the crisis could be the same as the dynamic of creative power".

CRITICISM by Daniela Maria Muso, January 2009 Buenos Aires




Latest Shows: Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Jones Vicente Gallery (Punta del Este,Uruguay) Broadway Gallery (New York, USA) UCEMA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)