Jose Manuel Chamorro

Jose Manuel Chamorro

El Escorial, Madrid, Spain

About Jose Manuel Chamorro


Since always, along with the landscape or objects, I have been interested in the human face in which light reveals a unique subjectivity of experiences and emotions, a condensed and defined personal history in facial features.

Following this interest I have made a series of portraits, in the pursuit of which I have come to discover that for many human beings their facial expression was broken by pain, frustration, exclusion, violence, etc. This breakdown of the face came to the fore in my interest, giving me a feeling of tenderness that has led me to carry out the work generically FACES WITHOUT A FACE. For which, I have developed geometric shapes in which a face is hardly intuited because it lacks the essential elements that constitute it.

Flat shapes in which the stroke and color are applied directly on a neutral background or in some cases the suggestion of solitude or isolation in a desolate space.

This work, which has taken me several years, I have done in oil, watercolor, drawing, engraving and collage, and even combining two or more of these techniques, on wood, canvas, burlap, paper, cardboard, with their primers and textures.

Recently, in an experimental phase, I have worked on sculptures using iron waste materials.


Chamorro studied in Madrid with the visual artists: Manuel Gutiérrez Navas -Concha Ma Gutiérrez Navas, Lorenzo Frechilla, Antonio Manso, Eloísa Gil Peña, Enrique González.
At the Madrid School of Arts and Crafts. Accademia di Belli Arti Pietro Vannucci, Perugia, Italy. Fine Arts Circle of Madrid.
He has been a draftsman of the Post Office Philately Section. He has taught drawing and painting in his studio.


International Biennial Plastic Arts Engraving Trophy of Postal Officials UTC-PTT 1979.
-1st Majadahonda Poster Award, 1983 and 1986.
-1st Carteles Prize, 1987, Mora.
-1o Watercolor Prize, 1987, Mora.
-Accesit XII Almonacid de Zorita Painting Prize, 1991.
-Access III Painting Competition Bicentennial Santa Cruz del Valle, 1992.
-1o Prize VII Villa de Cebreros-El Quexigal International Engraving Prize, April 2000.
-Purchase option I Artifice award, Loja (Granada) 2002.
-Poster 83 Autumn Salon AEPE, 2016


- Alpedrete City Council (Madrid)
- Ávila City Council.
- Cebreros City Council (Ávila).
- Loja City Council (Granada).
- Las Rozas City Council (Madrid).
- Majadahonda City Council (Madrid).
- Mora City Council (Toledo).
- Santa Cruz del Valle City Council (Ávila).
- Tomelloso Town Hall.
- Villanueva de la Cañada City Council (Madrid).
- Library of Catalonia, Barcelona.
- National Library, Madrid.
- Cervantina Classroom Agustín Martín Zaragoza, Órjiva Library (Granada).
- Caja de Ávila.
- Caja de Extremadura, Plasencia.
- Caja de Madrid.
- Caixa Ourense.
- Caja de Salamanca.
- Toledo City Consortium.
- PP Capuchinos Convent, León.
- Guadalajara Provincial Council.
- Cervantino Museum, El Toboso (Toledo).
- Museum of the Roads, Palacio Gaudí, Astorga (León).
- Diocesan Cathedral Museum, León.
- Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella.
- Municipal Museum of Orense.
- Promonumenta, León.
- University of Salamanca.

In private collections in Spain, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and USA.



2020 Salón de Arte Museo G. de Maeztu, Estella-Lizarra.
2019 Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles.
- Casa Museo Julio Escobar, Los Molinos (Madrid).
- Casa de Cultura de Villamañán (León).
- Casa de Cultura de San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid).
2018 Quai Des Livres Galerie, Bordeaux.
- Casa de Cultura Fresno de la Vega (León).
- CMI El Llano, Gijón, Asturias.
2017 Auditorio San Francisco, Ávila.
- Galería de Arte Zaca, La Granja de San Ildefonso, (Segovia).
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- Casa de Cultura Villademor de la Vega (León).
- Sala Domus Artis El Toboso (Toledo).
- Fundación Vela Zanetti, León.
2016 Posada de los portales. Tomelloso.
- El Posito. Campo de Criptana.
- Sala Domus Artis. El Toboso.
2015 Librería Cocheras-Coliseo, San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid).
2014 Sala Municipal de Exposiciones San Marcelo. León.
2013 Cuevas de Hércules. Toledo.
- C.C. La Despernada, Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid).
- Gavota Art Gallery. Miami.
2012 Restaurante “La Malvasía”. Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid).
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2011 San Salvador de Palat del Rey, León.
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