Bivas Chaudhuri

Bivas Chaudhuri

New York, United States

About Bivas Chaudhuri

Bivas lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

My current work is involved with space, which is full of energy. I use repetitive visual elements and meditative process to energize the whole space. The highly structured slowly changing imagery is a close resemblance of my deep state of mind it is emblematic of modern times mixed with personal feelings and impression.


"Bivas Chaudhuri is an award wining international artist". He has several Degrees and Diplomas to his credit. Drawing and Paintings from the Government College of art, and Art Appreciation, University of Kolkata, India, an MFA in Fine Arts, Brooklyn College, New York. He has also studied Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Sculpture/ modeling and Art Direction. He has participated extensively in exhibitions in South Africa, Norway,Germany, Hungary, Spain,Zambia, India and the US including Queens Museum, Hammond Museum, NY. Honors and Awards includes many International Artists Workshops and Full Fellowships from VCCA International Residency, Germany, Guest AQrtist, LKV, Norway,Residency,Can Serrat International Art Center, Spain, Triangle Artists workshop, New York, HMC International Residency, Hungary, Vermont Studio Center, US. Institute for Civil Society award, Massachusetts, US. Society of Oriental Art award, India. Work is Represented in many Public and Private collections across the World. His works has been reviewed and appeared in Art News Artspiral, Art foram, Ostee Anzeiger, The Telegraph, Economic Times, India in New York World Journal, News- India Times, National TV, India, Malaysian TV, South African TV, Fix TV, Hungary, TV Asia, NY. ITV, NY, Online Magazines and elswhere. Work was auctioned by Christis. Teaching experience include Adjunct prof. City University of New York. Visiting Artist Pratt Institute, Queens Museum, New York. Bivas lives and works in New York.