Severyn Savchuk

Severyn Savchuk

Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

About Severyn Savchuk

I was born in Kyiv in 1978. But my family moved to a small mining town in central Ukraine, where I spent my childhood and youth. There were no computers and internet at that time, so we spent our free time discovering the world around us. One day we broke into the backyard of one of the cinemas, there were a lot of old drawn by hand posters, these posters have been often drawn over the previous images. They were the thing that inspired me to become an artist. Now I live in Kyiv, work in the animation studio, but painting is still my devotion.


Festival 350Artists, Folk Ukraine, Kyiv, 2016.
Talent Energy-Fest, Vasilenko Art Group, Kyiv, 11-31 December, 2016, Second place in Experimental painting category.
Talent Energy-Fest, Vasilenko Art Group, Kyiv, 28.12.2016-11.01.2017.
I'm Artist, Colors of Life, Kyiv, 15-24.09.2017.
Festival 585Artists, Folk Ukraine, Kyiv, 2017.
Metaphisical, Vash Art Gallery, Alexandriya, Kirovograd region, 25.02-25.03.2018.
Fast Fine Arts Fair, Kyiv, 9-17 June 2018.
27\7, Akt, Kyiv, 27.07-25.08.2018
In & Out, Dom, Kyiv, 08.06-13.07.2019
Metaphisical, Shostka Art Center, Shostka, Sumi region, 23.07-23.08.2019