Jianfeng CHEN

Jianfeng CHEN

Jianyang City, Sichuan Province , West Street 98, Jane town, China

About Jianfeng CHEN

Chen Jianfeng, the Han Nationality, in September, 1970 was born in the Sichuan Jianyang
ADD: 1503 Art District ,B-3 ,Songzhuang Town, Xiaopu Village ,Tongzhou District ,Beijing, China.
E-mail: chenjianfeng812@163.com
1990 Graduated in Sichuan Neijiang Teachers' college.
1990 The oil painting "Busy man" obtains “in the Sichuan first session the teacher art festival” the art exhibition first award.


1991 Graduated in Sichuan Neijiang Teachers' college.


"Sea watchman's soul dance"; "Watchman who's out from"; "Watchman who Wakening"; "Night watchman‘s Enlightenment" Four watchman's series of works selected for the German North Ministry for Art Exhibition (NordArt2016) Exhibition:2016.6 .3-10.9

2016· 9 "California 2016 * International impression —Art Forum Artists Exhibition" South San Francisco Convention Center, California

2018, 35x35 Art Project, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery(Pennsylvania, United States)
"Black and White" 2020 Show
That "Soul tower" and "The way of soul No.20" have been accepted for inclusion in the July 2020 show, “Black and White”.
This show will run July 1-31, 2020.

private collection:
Susanna, Netherlands
Yan Lugen, China

Public collection:
Songzhuang Art Museum, China
South China Museum, Jiangxi
Nanjing Baijiahu Art Museum, China
Copelozos Family Art Museum, Greece
Shanhai Art Museum, China


2002 October The professional artist association to unfold Beijing Fengtai
2003 Contemporary art show, mainland artist decorated corridor Beijing
2004 Contemporary art show Thousand scenery decorated corridors Beijing
2005 "Waste" contemporary art show Beijing
2007 Goes out the Songzhuang - - China Songzhuang present age art exhibition tour 2008 East the area art center present age art association to unfold
2008 The small fort relay station art center art association to unfold
2009 “Love-Hope” Sichuan Emarthquake Relief Exhibion, Beijing
2010 "Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art" Exhibition on the International Museum of Art Beijing
2011,11 The second new stars art festival Many Aaron art museum shanghai
2013 WE:1994—2013 The 20th Anniversary Collective Exhibition of China Zhuang Artists
2014.10 , 2014 First International Art Exhibition in Nanjing Nanjing International Expo Center , Nanjing
2015 ,12 EXHIBITION-- Vincent BESIDE VINCENT around San Xuan Guangzhou International Cultural Centre Society Guangzhou
2016.3 Four watchman's series of works selected for the German Ministry for Art Exhibition (NordArt2016) Exhibition: 2016.6.3-10.9
2016.4 "New Spirit Songzhuang Artists Exhibition" Beijing 798 Baijiahu Art Center, Beijing
2016.5 "17 + 3 Songzhuang airborne Nanjing Nanjing open house - solo exhibition" International Art Fair in Nanjing Nanjing 15-storey hotel Edinburgh, Nanjing
2016· 7 "Memory :Mirror Dramatic —Art Gallery on the theme park project exhibition" Garden Art Museum Beijing
2016· 8 '' on the scene - the depths "Contemporary Art Exhibition" Art Museum in the zhongjie Beijing
2016· 9 "California 2016 * International impression —Art Forum Artists Exhibition" South San Francisco Convention Center, California
2017.1 "Happy Songs * Contemporary Art Exhibition" Shangshang Art Museum , Beijing
2017.3 “Art for the Arts” Cloud Art Center ,Shanghai
2017 .3 “2017 Songzhuang Artist Football Team Art Exhibition” Songzhuang Football Park , Beijing
2017.5 "Exhibitions Risk - Artists Joint Exhibition" No. 230, Xiaobao North Street, Songzhuang, Beijing . “Closer to the East” Songzhuang Art Eastern “East” Space , Beijing
2017.9 "Inter-International Artist Invitational Exhibition" National Art Museum , Beijing
2017 China-Korea Art Exhibition 1503 Art Space , Beijin
2018, Baolong Art Awards National Collection Exhibition, Baolong Art Center Yanwu Gallery, Shanghai
2018, So Shen Kee Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanhai Art Museum
2018, 35x35 Art Project, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece
2018, "Outstanding Box" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhengzhou Rainbow Box Art Museum, Henan
2018, The First Hangzhou New Art Exhibition, Hangzhou Baolong Art Center, Zhejiang
2018, Fear Folding, 1st Floor, Building 5, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2018, "No Exhibition" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum, Shanghai
2018, "2018 Shenzhen City Art Fair", Yafeng International Hotel, Shenzhen
2019, Third Independent Character Nomination Exhibition, Beijing Dadi Art Center; Zhejiang Ningbo Art Museum; Guangxi Liuzhou Industrial Museum
2019, "For the Future" The First Qinhuangdao Contemporary International Art Singles Exhibition, Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Songshi Art Museum, Hebei
2019, Artists see the leader "like to buy" original art exhibition, Guangzhou City, Lane Travel Town, Guangzhou
2019, Metamorphosis 2019 Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Shangzun Gallery, Beijing
2019, The 8th Graffiti Art Exhibition, "Free Writing", Zhongjie Art Museum, Beijing
2019 "Brand New Flight" National Art Museum, Beijing
2020.1 Galerie Kunstbroeders, Netherlands
2020.2 Galerie Kunstbroeders, Germany