Chiara Criniti

Chiara Criniti

Porto Cesareo, Puglia, Italy

About Chiara Criniti

I am an Italian artist and illustrator.

I started creating illustrations for children but over the years my focus has shifted to issues related to the psyche, to the deeper meanings hidden in language and to the more daring connections between words and images. I'm interested in feelings, emotions and troubles of the soul.

My works depict a world in which reality is represented through metaphorical and psychological images.
The use of vibrant colours and bold contrasts, alongside the mélange of various media, enable me to create a complex world where reality coexists with metaphorical elements, the surreal and psychological; a world that can be interpreted in a variety of levels.

I work on paper, cardboard and canvas using mixed media: monotype, collage, graphite, acrylic, pastels, grattage.
Environmental problems are a topic that I hold dear and all my artistic production develops around the idea of recovering and recycling poor and discarded materials.

I find inspiration in paper as a material, and I use discarded magazines, clippings of my drawings or monotypes, old printed papers and envelopes.


I graduated in stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. I was educated in the field of illustration by successfully sitting the courses by renowned illustrators: Linda Wolfsgruber (in Sarmede), Anna Castagnoli and Maurizio Quarello.


2019 – World Collage Atlas, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium
2018 - finalist for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018;
2017 - Cover for "The fireflies girl", collection of children's narrative written by Giuseppe Marasco (Expressiva Edizioni - IT);
2016 - Therapy Today Magazine;
2015-2017 – Nine illustrations published by the online daily publication related to social issues: Illustration Daily;
2015 – Cover for Apprentice Poets (author: Angela Malcangi), Secop Edizioni, IT;
2014 – The Fairy Tales Wheel (written by Ferdinando Sallustio), Secop Edizioni, IT;
2014 – Squame Fanzine, Mail Art Exhibition;
2012 – Cover for Cadillac Magazine;
2011 – Cover for A White Silken Scarf (various authors), WIP Edizioni, IT;
2009 – Attila, Adalberta ... and so on and so forth (by Chiara Lorenzoni) Lupo Editore, IT;
2006 – Unduetrestella Magazine, Lupo Editore, IT.


2020 - ANNUAL 2020, featured on the prestigious yearly publication issued by the Italian Association of Authors of Images;
2018 - Exhibition at Mall Galleries in London (UK);
2018 – Sunken Infinity: featured at Artbox.Project New York 1.0;
2017 - Editorial Merit Award, IJungle Illustration Awards;
2017 - Profili Complanari (Coplanar Profiles) exhibition at the Scaramuzza Arte Contemporanea art gallery in Lecce, Italy;
2017 - Lost in Shangai, a literary walk in the historical city centre of Maruggio (IT);
2017 - The Artbox Projects Basel 1.0 (Art Basel 15/18 June 2017);
2016 - Freedom in the nature (illustration exhibition) Kuwait City;
2015 - On the thread of memories (illustration exhibition) Bari;
2015 - The Sideways Glance (Illustration exhibition and related catalogue);
2014 – ANNUAL 2014, featured on the prestigious yearly publication issued by the Italian Association of Authors of Images;
2014 – Tapirulan International Illustrators Competition Eden (exhibition and related catalogue) Genoa;
2014 – Mail Art Exhibition, Squame Fanzine and Slow Galerie, Paris (exhibition and related catalogue);
2013 – Second prize for beginners, 14th Syria Poletti International Competition for Illustrated Albums: Little, Big... On the Wings of Butterflies, with a project titled Grandma Amelia Has Grown Wings (exhibition and related catalogue).
2013 – ILLUSTRATI Logos: Crystal Children.