Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen

Vista, CA, United States

About Chris Jensen

What inspires me most about making art is tapping into my subconscious to create compositions that transcend time and space. I enjoy creating worlds that shift and continuously transform, where everything is connected and intertwined. The figures in my work represent emotions and transitions out of this physical world. These images come from a variety of emotions: joy, sadness, angst, and a yearning to express that which I cannot put into words. The visual language in my art has personal meaning but I want viewers to come away with their own interpretations. The focus of my work stems from a desire to escape this physical reality that is limited by time, age, mortality, and gender. One of the landscapes that often come up in my work is the desert. It is a place of peace away from the chaos of modern life that has a mystery and infinite vastness to it, a land to its own almost like the ocean and with its own laws. I think it has a strange sense of beauty with the creatures and flora that take on an otherworldly presence for me with their ability to subsist in a climate of extremes.

Chris Jensen is a self-taught American artist working and residing in Southern California. He has always been fascinated with art and the process of creating from a very early age. As a child he was often daydreaming and creating images from his imagination as a means to visually express what he felt and as a way to form a connection with a higher consciousness. Having lived in Las Vegas, Nevada in his teen years allowed him to form a deep love for the desert landscape and this is evident in some of his work. He finds the open and solitary vastness of the desert a place of personal power.
Chris is especially influenced in his creative process and imagery by the non-linear sense of time and space and seemingly surreal nature of dreams. He approaches creating new artwork in an improvisational, meditative manner allowing his thoughts and feelings to transform into fluid and organic compositions. Often times he finds that he channels his imagery from a higher source that is beyond himself.