Christophe Jeunot

Christophe Jeunot

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

About Christophe Jeunot

My artistic influences are very eclectic. My first influence is from the European comic books also called BD. (Moebius, Hergé, Cabu, Milo with Manara, Tardi, Louis Forton with “Bibi Fricotin”)
I am also touched by the art of Picasso, Chagall, Alexander Cadder, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Monet.

I took a pencil when I was in age to hold them and started to draw. I mostly drew with black lines and Ecoline a watercolor based ink, to create comic books. When I doodle I tend to start with round shapes. It is hard for me to foresee the final drawing in my head prior to finishing it. It just happens as it goes. And when I feel satisfied with the result I stop.

I am touched by the beauty of nature in general, the forest, pine trees, the wind, the ocean, the wild and rugged coast line, the light. Feelings and moods can be a great inspiration. I like to draw with music that transport you somewhere.

I am from a small village in France overlooking a beautiful XVII century castle surrounded by lush gardens, rivers and deep forest. Very cold and humid during the winter, but beautiful in spring and summer.

I come from a traditional French family, raise with good food cooking in the kitchen, bicycles trips to the baker, fresh crispy breads, vacation on the ocean coast, snow and mountain in winter.