Christopher Micaud

Christopher Micaud

Bainbridge Island , San Miguel De Allende, WA, United States

About Christopher Micaud

I learned the art of observation from my Grandfather and my Mother .My grandfather an avid photographer my mother an artist I discovered the world in a different way than most young people . My Parents both in education, Art and Political Science, introduced me to various societies at a young age.
My Grandfather showed me how to see light, how to use light and shadow, framing the image that portrays your viewpoint and the knowledge of how composition and light can turn mundane into something unique.


I attended the 'Art Center College of Design' in Pasadena California upon graduation I moved to
Italy, then France and NY.
As a child and an adult I have lived in North Africa France. Switzerland, South Africa and Italy,
I began photography at age 7 with the gift of a polaroid swinger and early Pentax camera.


NY Archives
Selected fashion images from a period of my career which during the mid 90’s to Mid 2000’s At this time, I felt a great sense of freedom and creativity in my exploration of form, shape and texture within a controlled situation.
In an often-chaotic world, I employed light and shadow to imbue a sense of sculpture and serenity if only for a moment. The models, fabric, light, and shadow are captive. I believe it’s the tension between freedom and control which continues to make these images compelling and relevant.


'L'Oro' a group show in Milan in 1992.
Awards for 'Most Creative Work' in retail advertising in 1994,1995,1996
Cleo Award in 1999, & 2001
Group show at Milk Gallery NY in 2002, 2003,2004
Group Show in Sydney Australia for Harpers 50th year anniversary 2004.