Claude Charlier

Claude Charlier

Houston, TX, United States

About Claude Charlier

French artist Claude Charlier is known for his hyper-realistic paintings of discarded cigarette packs and crushed soda cans, but also for his sensual black and white photographs.
Charlier was born in France and studied music and fine art for much of his life. He maintained a career as a professional fashion photographer which led him to travel the world for many years and live not only in Europe and the USA, but for many years in Tokyo. It was during these travels that he was inspired by a discarded soda can and decided to create his Rubbish Collection.
Charlier’s choice to paint the discarded objects acts as a means to recycle them, and thus the beauty and memories associated with the consumers’ use.


Music and fine art education


Pentax Gallery, Tokyo 1981
Rockefeller Center, New York 1982
Nikon House, New York 1982
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 1983
Art Center, Tokyo 1984
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo 2006
Damien B. Art Center, Miami 2004-2005
Art Basel Miami 2005
Gallery EJFA, Miami 2006
Yoshi´s Corner, Vienna 2011
Kaigado Gallery, Tokyo 2006-2007
Yoshi´s Corner, Vienna 2011
Gallery Valentine, Hamptons 2011
Arcature Fine Art, Palm Beach 2011
Kunstmesse Düsseldorf 2011
Art Miami 2010-2012
Palm Beach Art Fair 2011-2012
Olyvia Fine Art 2011
IFAE, Miami 2011
Art Karlsruhe 2012
Markowicz Fine Art, Miami 2011-2012
2CforART, Salzburg 2012-2013
2CforART, Frankfurt 2012-2013
Markowicz Fine Art, Miami 2013
Vienna Art Fair, Austria 2013
Pulse Miami 2013
Art Miami 2013
Scope Art Fair, Miami 2014
Art Wynwood, Miami 2014
2C for Art, Salzburg, Austria 2014
Art Southampton, USA 2014
Art Wynwood, USA 2015
Lulu's Emporium, USA 2015
innsbruck art fair, Austria 2015
Scope Art Fair, Miami 2015
White Porch Gallery, Miami 2015
OSME Gallery, Vienna Austria 2015
White Porch Gallery, Miami 2016
Wozen Gallery, Lisbon 2016
Art Wynwood, Miami 2017
Wynwood Gallery, Miami 2018