clemence devienne

clemence devienne

Aubervilliers (Paris area), Ile-de-France, France

About clemence devienne

Clemence Devienne Devienne is a french artist based in Paris. She started to paint with oil when she was very young.
“As the daughter and grand-daughter of sailors who loved painting, I grew up in Paris surrounded by world maps, colorful canvases, miniature boats, and photographs of faraway places. I graduated from the Arts Déco Ecole in Paris and I’ve painted ever since I could hold a brush but I drifted away from painting after my studies as I was caught up with other projects.

For the past four years, painting has been a priority in my life and I spend as much time as I can painting in my Aubervilliers studio.
In my paintings, I have naturally turned to what is distant and different from me. When I am not painting my close ones, I paint the portraits of the migrants who camp in the streets of Paris or I sketch the face of Indian chief Raoni who came to Paris for the COP 21. My favorite kind of painting is the portrait because it allows me to meet people from all over the world and to have a real conversation with them as it always involves long hours of posing.

I have long been fascinated with the traditions and artistic ritual of New Orleans and this is why I chose to go to Louisiana in January of 2017. The more than 30 portraits I painted while I was there are both an homage to the city’s inhabitants and a window into contemporary New Orleans.”
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graduated from "les Arts Décos de Paris" (ENSAD) - 2005


Exhibition of "Faces of Nola " in l'Embarcadère may 27th 2017, paris area during a special day about slavery with films, debates, tales, songs, danse show, workshop


• Exhibition of "Faces of Nola " in la Galette Electrique, Paris, june-july 2017
• Exhibition of "Faces of Nola " in l'Embarcadère may 27th 2017, paris area
• Exhibition of "Faces of Nola " in le grand bouillon april-may 2017, paris area