Clive Sefton

Clive Sefton

Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

About Clive Sefton

Clive Sefton is a Brighton based artist and designer. His acclaimed series of 'Word Searches' combine clean and beautiful design with fun and interaction.

'I've always been interested in typography and wanted to create typographic works with a twist. I also like interactivity with artwork, and the idea that each time someone looks at a piece, they might see something else...'

'Some people prefer to not draw on the glass, leaving the piece solely as a graphic form, but others feel they need to circle the words and get a sense of achievement and satisfaction by doing so. I like the fact it can be shown in so many ways' - Clive Sefton


After completing a National Diploma in Design he qualified with an Honours Degree in Graphic Design and Photography, which was followed by a further course in silkscreen printing at Brighton University.