Cocó Caballero

Cocó Caballero


About Cocó Caballero

I´m a chilean artist. My work is about fears and therapies, I divide scary situations into imaginary and real. The real situations are for the real threats, like fire or a knife in front of you, and the imaginary ones are about how the subconscious interprets like posible threats, and it prepares to attack them with thoughts.
The character that acts is oneself in front of fear, his worn out aspect but in passive attitude is a extern mask to the fear that she feels, in her hands and feet she has claws to defend herself, also she has some amulets that she needs to calm herself.
In my art serie of "Therapies" I show activities that we can do to feel ourselves calm, so that we can front life, activities that help ourselves to be relaxed and more happy.


CURSOS IMAGENES DIGITALES: Imagenes en Photoshop Univ.Catolica. Imagenes en Painter Mac.
Dibujo en Free Hand Univ. Catolica.
CURSOS PINTURA 2007.- Taller de Juan Ibarra, Oleo. 2008 – 2009 Taller de Daniela Ponce.Acrilico y tecnicas mixtas. 2010-2012 .Tutoria de Luz Maria Williamson 2013-2015.-Tutoria con Arturo Duclos


2011.- Casas de lo Matta , Chile
2011.-QUQU Galería, Chile
2013.- Washington DC, Galería, Chile Embassy, USA
2014.-Apech Galería
2014.- Bazart UC , Universidad Catolica de Chie
2015.-Centro Cultural Las Condes, Chile
2015.-Art Fair Spectrum, Miami, Art Basel week, USA
2016.- Art Fair Show Naples, Aldo Castillo Gallery, USA
2017.-Centro Cultural El Tranque, Lo Barnechea, Colectiva
2018.- Art Stgo Feria
2018.-Exposición Club de Yates Higuerillas
2018.- Bazart UC .
2018.-Atton Miami en Art Basel week
2019.- Laguna de Zapallar, Chile
2020.-Centro Cívico Lo Barnechea, Colectiva
2020.- Galería Isabel Croxatto, Colectiva, El Mundo al Instante