Girolamo Codato

Girolamo Codato

Vallarsa, Trentino, Italy

About Girolamo Codato

I started painting at the age of five.

My mother gave me a large room for painting when I was little. I have always dedicated myself to art.

For many years I worked as an illustrator for children's books.

In 2002, IBBY Andersen in London included me in their catalogue of the 100 best illustrators in the world.

I love all artists, both contemporary and from the past, and in my paintings I am inspired by Mantegna and Caravaggio, the French impressionists and the Italian Macchiaioli.

With my paintings, I want to hold that magical moment I experience in front of a landscape, an object or a particular event, and transfer it to the canvas.

I love all my paintings like children, and I feel that in each one I have given form to that sense of strength, silence and infinity that permeates everything and inspires my works.

Lately I'm deepening my research on light and shape. In particular, I am working on the essentiality of form and the power of light.
I do many studies and many sketches before I do a work. I take care of the use of colors very carefully and I tend to be as essential as possible, always leaving free the creative drive that motivates me.

Currently the most recent works are included in the Italian National Catalog of Cultural Heritage.


Istituto Statale d'Arte - Venezia - Pittura Decorativa.
Accademia di Belle Arti - Venezia - Scenografia.


“Premio ArtiGiano” della Provincia Autonoma di Trento per il libro Tüsele Marüsele nel 2005.

Premio “Parole senza frontiere” patrocinato dalla Regione Trentino Alto Adige per il libro Binta e Violett realizzato nella scuola di Luserna nel 2006.

Segnalazione al concorso: “Parole senza frontiere” per la collana Antiche Fiabe Cimbre nel 2007.

Segnalazione della RAI su “La Melevisione” per i cartoni animati tratti dalla collana “Le Nuvole” nel 2003.

Patrocinio dell’UNESCO per il libro “La mamma nel cuore” illustrato da Walter Girolamo Codato, 2000.


StadsBiblioetk Stockholm

Biblioteca Alexandrina di Alessandria d’Egitto

Pikture Book Museum nella città di Iwaki - Fukushima - Giappone

Archivio storico del Comune di Trento

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma


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MOSTRA PERSONALE alla FIERA del Libro per ragazzi, Bologna, 2004

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