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In seven chapters, Saatchi Art Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson breaks down the process of discovering and buying original art by emerging artists, with special focus on how to collect the unique medium of photography; what to consider when buying for investment; how to build a collection on any budget; and stories of collectors who have helped support some of history’s best-loved artists. After reading this guide, you’ll be equipped to make sound investments in both art and the quality of your life; be the first to discover the next great artist of our time; and learn to trust your instincts when buying art you love.

'Tribuna of the Uffizi' by Johann Zoffany
Chapter 1: A Little History
'Bandit' by John Tierney
Chapter 2: Doing Your Homework
'Red Rivers Journey' by Trini Schultz
Chapter 3: Falling in Love
Francis Bacon at Christie's Auction House
Chapter 4: How Deep Are My Pockets?
'About Her' by Flora Borsi
Chapter 5: Curating Your Own Collection
'Lumines' by Ysabel LeMay
Chapter 6: In Focus - Buying Photography
Chapter 7: Art as an Investment

It’s an exciting thought to imagine that the work you are buying could be by a future art star – even the next Andy Warhol – and that you got there first.

Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory

7 Essential Steps to Collecting Emerging Art

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