Filipe Cortez

Filipe Cortez

About Filipe Cortez

In these last year’s the terms, such as, memory, time, decay and remains have been the key concept in the work of Filipe Cortez.
Firstly, with the human body as the main topic and more recently with the architecture body as the start point of Filipe´s work, he looks for an aesthetic of beauty in the degraded or abandoned images, explored by his work.
The work pieces result from the influence of the images or memories that the artist finds in the daily life.
The work explores the physical diseases visible on the architecture, such as, time marks, cracks, mold and humidity, among others, which are visible in the spaces we live in.
As the human body ages, the spaces that surrounds us also suffers from similar aging, in which some spaces feel these marks in a more visible way, for instance, cancers in humans. The marks on these spaces are often related with problems that emerged during the birth of its construction, which frequently requires a long to become visible. Filipe´s work explores several artistic areas, such as, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation in accordance with the different concepts or projects that the artist aims to develop.
The multidisciplinary of techniques and themes is highly present in the artist work.



Artist name: Filipe Cortez
Born: 1986
Hometown: Oporto, Portugal
Lives and works: Oporto, Portugal

Master's Degree, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, 2012
First Degree, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, 2008

Exhibitions (selection):
- Collective exhibition, Cheia, at the Municipal Library Rocha Peixoto, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, at the Peach Gallery, Toronto, Canada

- Collective exhibition, Project Shair, at the Emergentes DST Gallery, Braga, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, IV – Tudo é Outra Coisa, at the Espaço MIRA, Porto, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, arte & negócios, at the Porto Business School, Porto, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Teoria da Pintura, at the AISCA, Viana, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, at the WeArt, Aveiro, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, 9º Award Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, at the ASC Museum, Amarante, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Project 1ªAvenida, at the AXA building, Porto, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Do Real e de Outras Verdades, at the Silo Gallery, Porto, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, VIARCO – Traços para o futuro, at the Penafiel Museum, Penafiel, Portugal

- Individual exhibition, Crucifixus – one day exhibition, at the Faculty of Fine Arts Museum, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal 

- Individual exhibition and performance, As cores do corpo, at the Hospital Santo António, Porto, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Award of Arte Jovem de Vila Verde, Vila Verde, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Award XXIV Salão de Primavera – Rainha Isabel de Bragança, Lisboa, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Award II Bienal Internacional de Pintura da  Fundação Rotária Portuguesa, Coimbra, Portugal

- Collective exhibition, Recolecção, at the Leões Gallery, Porto, Portugal

Prizes and honorable mentions:
- Certificate of Merit by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto for the best classified in the Master Degree Graduation on 2013

- 1º Award at the II Bienal Internacional de Pintura da Fundação Rotária Portuguesa, Coimbra, Portugal

- Honorable Mention at the XXIV Salão de Primavera – Award Rainha Isabel de Bragança, Lisboa, Portugal

- Seminar Pensar a Pintura, organized by the IIADS, and coordinated by António Quadros Ferreira (phD) and Domingos Loureiro (MA), at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal 

Artistic Residencies:
2015 (already programmed)
- NARS, 3 months (no dates yet), New York, EUA

- RU, 6 months (February to July, 2015), New York, EUA

- Project 1ªAvenida, 3 months, at the AXA building, organized by the Porto Lazer and curated by José Manuel Maia, Cláudia Melo and Mirró Pereira