Candace Primack

Candace Primack

Portland, OR, United States

About Candace Primack

As an abstract painter, I am often torn between two worlds, feeling that I am most fulfilled and balanced when working in both of them. The first is the world of color, texture and movement. Using a number of mediums, I can manipulate them in a variety of ways, being led to create pieces that I feel are kinetic and energetic, instilling within the viewer a sense of hope and joy. Simultaneously I am also dawn to the monochromatic and contemplative, desiring a large canvas filled with no more that two or three colors, but invites a more methodical approach without compromising sophistication and method. The process for these two styles of painting is quite similar, creating multiple layers of paint amidst mark making and texturing. Whatever style I am working in, I find it to be a focused and meditative practice, allowing me to follow my intuition. Rather than clashing, these two styles lend a complimentary blend to my work, satisfying my own need to communicate bold energy as well as quiet reflection


Agora Gallery International Fine Art Competition and Exhibition, NYC, 2015
Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC , January 2015 &, “Pure Abstractions,” October 2014
Orange County Creatives “Simplicity”, October 2014
Art Comes Alive, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati June 2014
Four Points Contemporary, 2nd Bi-Annual Competition (on-line), January 2014
The Infinity Gallery, The Red Show (on-line), January 2014
The ArtisT Table On-line Gallery, Abstraction: Not What Everyone Sees, Dec. 2013
Melrose Lightspace, The Instagram Show, Los Angeles, 2013
Black Box Gallery, On-Line Annex, October 2013
California Open, Tag Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 2013
Art Comes Alive, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH, 2013
The Mitchell Gallery, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD 2013
Architectural Heritage Society, Portland, OR, 2013
Beard’s Fine art and Framing, Solo Show, Hillsboro, OR, 2012
Stonecrop Gallery, Cape Neddick, Maine, 2012