Lynne Douglas

Lynne Douglas

Portree, Highlands, United Kingdom

About Lynne Douglas

I live on top of a cliff on the Isle of Skye in the far north of Scotland; a place of inspiration, myth and legend. The colours all around fascinate me and here I find my heart can roam wild like the deer, otters, eagles and blackface sheep that surround me. In all kinds of weather, I am to be found on a clifftop or by the beach with my camera.

When I discovered long exposure photography and how it captures the subtle magic of early dawn light I was hooked. Here was a way for me to capture the beauty of light and the myriad of colours it creates and make them my own. I paint what I see with my camera working instinctively as the light and my mood changes.

A few years ago my husband and I opened a small gallery and cafe on the Isle of Skye which is home to my portfolio. The gallery is closed at the moment for COVID but this has allowed me to spend more time working on my art. I hope this year to make a trip to South Uist, a small island off the coast of Skye where the beaches are white and wildflowers grow through the dune grasses. You can follow my journey via my website and hear more about this trip in my Instagram feed and blogs.

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After a long and successful career as a senior research scientist working with complex therapeutics I took a different direction into art. I have a voracious appetite for reading about art and finding art that inspires me. Now that I have mastered photography and printing I want to push myself further and experiment to see how I can use those tools to create the images I can see in my head.


Upcoming exhibition at Building 63, highest art gallery in the world, Seoul, South Korea. This is an exhibition of 16 pieces all in blue. The artworks focus on water, sky and light with a mixture of abstract minimal canvases and minimal landscapes.


Permanent exhibition at The Skye Blue Gallery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Exhibition at Sky Art Gallery, Building 63, Seoul Dec 2020 - July 2021

Museum of Colours in Seoul, Korea November 2019.

Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
Oct - Nov 2013 Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NEW YORK

Exhibition at Colintraive Hotel, Argyll