Terry Cripps

Terry Cripps

Surbiton, Surrey, United Kingdom

About Terry Cripps

Like most of us, I have had to adapt to covid-19. For me this has meant refining my digital practice. I can sketch quickly outdoors and return to the studio to execute the painting on my tablet. Its refreshing and challenging with unexpected results not available through paint alone. See the most resent additions on my dashboard.

'Artist in Residence" at the Guildhall Gallery, London 2018-19.
My aim of this residency is to produce responses to their collection of 19 century and Pre-Raphaelite paintings in my abstract approach.

I was first an art director, then a designer, in both advertising and publishing, now a painter and a photographer.
Currently working digitally with material from Crete and Portugal, Norway and France.

My last trip to Tromsø, Norway in 2016 resulted in a collection called Tirpitz and pTarmigan and can be seen here http://jalbum.net/a/1742850. Using photographs and painted elements of the environment where the Tirpitz was sunk.

A visit to Tunisia just before the Arab Spring began in January 2011, entitled Tunisia by bus. The paintings produced two weeks before the 'Arab Spring' began they capture the vibrancy of the country. They are a very exciting collection. The complete collection can be found on my website, http://www.169.org.uk/Paintings/tunisia.html


Cambridge College of Arts and Technology 1969-73

2012-18 OU student in Humanities. MA Humanities and the Arts

1991-92 visiting lecturer art Bournemouth and Poole Collage of Art and Design advising in computer graphics, advertising and typography.


'Artist in Residence" at the Guildhall Gallery, London 2018-19.

Photographic show at the CornerHOUSE Art Centre, Surbiton - June 2019. From my books 'After Manet', 'Look No Colour' and 'Hanging Around' Available through Blurb.com.


Most resent:
2020-1'Guildhall Abstracted', cornerHOUSE gallery, Surbiton - London

'Artist in Residence" at the Guildhall Gallery, London 2018-19.

Source, Henley, River and Rowing Museum

Crossings, Museum in the Park, Stroud.

Brick Lane Gallery, London.