Cristina Cañamero

Cristina Cañamero

Córdoba, Andalucia, Spain

About Cristina Cañamero

I was born in Campillos (Malaga), Spain. I express my world in different ways: paintwork, drawing, comic, etc.
I live and work in Cordoba, Spain.
Why do I dedicate myself to art?. Because it´s simply an imperative, I can´t stop doing it.


LICENSED IN FINE ARTS by the University of Granada. Speciality, painting.
1988. Intellectual work techniques. University of Granada. (20 hours).
1992. International Meeting of Faculties and Schools of Art and Design. University of Granada. (25 hours).
1993. Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP). Pomegranate. (180 hours).
1994. Touch typing. Campillos, Málaga.
Woman and Creativity Complutense University. Ronda, Malaga.
1998. The video: between experimentation and art. Film library of Andalusia. Cordova. (20 hours).
2004. Computing. Windows Xp. Cordova.
2007. Critical thinking in 21st century Spain. Faculty of Law of Córdoba.
1992/1993 First prize Carnival poster. Campillos (Málaga).
1993 Third prize of photography IX Regional Competition, City of Cádiz.
1999 Second prize of the Young Creators Exhibition City of Malaga.
2000 First prize of the Young Painting Contest Costa del Sol.
-Excma Provincial Council of Granada.
-Foundation Youth and Sports of the City of Cádiz.
-Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud.
-Exc. Malaga's town hall.
-Collection RENFE.
-The English Court.
-Collection UNICAJA.
-COCA-COLA Foundation.
-Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer.
-Excma Provincial Council of Málaga.
-CAC Málaga (Contemporary Art Center of Málaga).
- Town Hall of the Rincón de la Victoria. Malaga.
-Private collection. New Jersey USA.
-Private collection. Milan. Italy.
-Private collection. Utrecht. Netherlands.


1994. The foam of the days. Palace of the Counts of Gabia. Granada
1998. Naked history. Posada del Potro Cordoba.
1999. Leave me now, come back tonight. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Malaga. (Catalogue).
2000. They and them. Cobalt Room. Cordoba.
The return to the museum in 17 paintings. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Malaga. (Catalogue).
2002. Scorpions and Stars. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Malaga. (Catalogue).
2005. The era of the pacifier. Alfredo Viñas gallery. Malaga.
2006. Is there life on Mars? Art Gallery 21. Córdoba. (Catalogue).
2008. Journey to the end of the night / Privacy. Provincial Cultural Center of the Diputación de Málaga. (Catalogue).
2009. Temptations to exist. Strong House Bezmiliana. Corner of the Victory. Malaga. (Catalogue).
2011. The nymphs. Gallery Art 21. Córdoba.
2017. December 25. Artist of the day. Saatchi Art.
1993. Shared proposals III. Palace of the Counts of Gabia. Pomegranate.
1994.The word painted. Provincial Museum of Jaén and Hall of Arms of the Cuidadela of Pamplona. (Catalogue).
1995. 4x4. House of Culture of Okendo. Saint Sebastian. (Catalogue).
III National Competition of the General. Pomegranate. (Catalogue).
Five Women for 2000. Chamber of Commerce. Santander.
1996. Rich and famous. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
1997. Sample of Young Creators City of Malaga. The Good Star Gallery. Malaga.
Andalusian women artists Gallery the Good Star. Malaga.
III Unicaja Contest of Plastic Arts. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
1998. I Women's Art Edition. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
Images for the memory. Collective exhibition on the occasion of the First Spanish Film Festival of Málaga. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
IV Award of Extremadura to the creation 1998, Francisco Zurbarán.
Andalusian Young Art Exhibition. Episcopal Palace of Malaga. (Adquired work and catalog)
1999. Sample of Young Creators City of Malaga. Alameda Art Room. (2nd Prize, acquired work).
IX Painting Contest of the UNED. House of Velázquez. Madrid. (Catalogue).
II Women's Art Edition. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
Hotel and art. Alfredo Viñas gallery. Seville.
Andalusian Art Exhibition 1999. Episcopal Palace of Malaga. (Work acquired and catalog).
The still life. Alfredo Viñas Gallery.
2000. Sample of Young Creators City of Malaga. Alameda Room Malaga.
Art al' hotel. Alfredo Viñas gallery. Valencia.
First Costa del Sol Young Painting Contest. English Cut of Puerto Banús. Malaga. (Work acquired, first prize).
III Edition of Women's Art. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
IX National Biennial of Art City of Oviedo. (Catalogue).
Hotel and Art. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Seville.
VI Unicaja Contest of Plastic Arts. Episcopal Palace of Malaga. Itinerant. (Catalogue).
2001. Art is them 2. Málaga in Arco 2001. College of Architects of Málaga.
ARCO 2001. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Madrid.
Hotel and Art. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Seville.
International Contemporary Art Fair of Lisbon. Alfredo Viñas gallery.
2002. IV Women's Art Edition. Itinerant. (Work adquired and catalog).
ARCO 2002. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Madrid.
Hotel and art. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Seville.
International Contemporary Art Fair of Lisbon. Alfredo Viñas Gallery.
2003. ARCO 2003. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Madrid.
2004. Multiple Identities. Collection of the Andalusian Institute for Women. Royal Shipyards Seville.
ARCO 2004. Sample Button. Diputación de Málaga. Madrid.
2005. XXVI National Contest of Contemporary Art "Ciudad de Utrera". House of Culture of Utrera.
2006. V Rafael Botí Fine Arts Biennial. Palace of Mercy. Cordoba. (Catalogue).
2007. ARCO 2007. Get started. Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía. Madrid
Viii Andalusian Contest of Contemporary Painting "City of Torremolinos". City Council of Torremolinos (Málaga).
Eclectic -2. Gallery Art 21. Córdoba.