Cristina Figarola

Cristina Figarola

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

About Cristina Figarola

Born in Barcelona. I graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla la Mancha in 1995. I have studied art in different European universities and workshops of specialization in the trade of ceramic lathe and glazes.
I started my professional career with "LUZDELUZ", a small company dedicated to the creation and production of lamps, thus combining my knowledge of sculpture and design. The Totora lamp was one of my most successful projects. Selected for the FAD Design Awards, it is currently marketed nationally and internationally since 2003, with great sales success.
Years later I sold the rights to the lighting company Carpyen SL, to dedicate myself to sculpture professionally. I have made several individual and collective exhibitions, and my work is exhibited in private and public collections.
I have lived in Cuenca, Milan, Sicily and Lisbon. At present I live in Barcelona where I work in the creation of sculptures with my own ceramic workshop.
With the discovery of clay and the technique of the lathe, I start a new artistic path. Lover of the utilitarian ceramics, for its elegant formal simplicity and functionality, I investigate on its transformation in artistic objects exempt of its original use. These pieces, taken out of context, playing with composition, become abstract geometrical figures of marked verticality. One of the characteristics of my work is the use of clay, without glazes or artifices. I like to let the material speak.



1978-1979 Eina School - Barcelona
1980-1981 New Academy of Brera - Milan
1989-1991 Faculty of Fine Arts - Lisbon
1992-1994 Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona
1994-1996 Fine Arts Faculty of Cuenca
2012-2013 Formative cycle of applied arts of sculpture in the Massana School - Barcelona
2013 Initiation to the Lathe Workshop - Marc Vidal
2014 Initiation Workshop Lathe - Escola ceramica de la Bisbal
2015 Ceramic Lathe Workshop - Ramón Fort
2016 Initiation enamel workshop - Eli Moretó
2017 Enamel Workshop - Penelope Vallejo
2017 Workshop for the Improvement of the Lathe - Escola cerámica de la Bisbal
2018 Double piece course - Escola de ceramica de la Bisbal
2018 Mold Course - Xenia Bas
2018 Course with Joan Serra and Mia Lauder - Argentona
2018 Course - Mami Kato - Penelope Vallejo Workshop
2019 Chawan and glazing realization - Encarna Soler
2020 Residence in the ceramic school of La Bisbal - Girona


2018 Shipping Company TUI CRUISES - Germany
2018 Juli Pérez-Catalá Architecture Studio - Barcelona
2018 Foyer Building - Barcelona
2018-2020 Private collections in the United States, Spain, England and France


1990 Individual exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon
1991 Collective exhibition at the 33rd Prize for Painting Jove Sala Parés - Barcelona
1992 Group exhibition - Palau Robert - Barcelona
1994 Collective exhibition in LA NAVE - Cuenca
1995 Individual exhibition at the Exhibition Hall - Fine Arts of Cuenca.
2004 Work selected for the FAD design awards - TOTORA Lamp
2016 Tallers Oberts BCN . A-FAD
2016 Individual exhibition at "Espai Ramblabá".
2017 Tallers Oberts BCN . A-FAD
2018 Tallers Oberts BCN . A-FAD